Expect the Unexpected

Leah Higgins thought she found her soul mate, the love of her life, until one day things fell apart completely. Leah and her best friend Jasmine head out for a night on the town in Atlanta but things suddenly go from great to perfect when an unexpected surprise occurs. Expect the Unexpected...


4. Emotions.


We got into the car & Louis told the driver the address. I looked over at Zayn, his head laying in his palms and silence just filled the air.

When we were walking through the hotel before getting into the car, I noticed he was behind the rest of the boys & I so I looked back. That's when I saw him stopped in the middle of the walkway, face pale, and awestruck with pain. I walked up to him to comfort him, I hated seeing him upset. Out of all the boys, Zayn was the most emotional and sensitive, even more than me. Yea, he has that bad boy image, but it's all rubbish, it's just part of the fame. We all have those dumb labels. Harry is supposed to be the flirt, but in all honesty he's the worst with girls.Louis is supposed to be the funny one. He is funny, but Niall is actually the joke-ster out of all of us. It's the part of fame that I just don't understand, & I don't think I ever will.

"Mate are you alright?" Harry asked Zayn, noticing his sadness. Zayn looked to me before answering "Yea I'm fine man. Just a bit tired." I guess he wanted to forget about it and keep it between us. Zayn & I were close like that.


I got to the bathroom & I looked like a mess! My hair was all frizzy & my makeup was all over the place. Great. I quickly touched up my makeup and combed my fingers through my hair, hoping I looked okay. I walked to a booth with Jas right behind me and sat down. "Li-Li, stop tapping your foot, you're shaking the table!" Jas scolded. My nerves were definitely getting to me. "Sorry" I replied with a light smile. 

I still couldn't believe all of this was happening to me. It was a dream coming to reality. Ever even meeting them had felt so far from my reach for the longest time, for it all to be happening to me right now was so hard to take in. None of this felt real, at all.

That moment of Zayn's gorgeous brown eyes looking into mine kept replaying over & over again in my head, leaving me in a calm, happy daze. "Leah, helloooo..." Jasmine was waving her hand in front of my face. "Shit, my bad, I'm so out of it right now, I can't believe all of this." I said. "Yea me neither, but I think their car just pulled up, get yourself together!" she replied. I could see Harry get out first, and the rest of the boys followed. I noticed Zayn behind everyone with a saddened look on his face. Our eyes met through the window and I immediately looked down, smiling & blushing. How embarrassing, he caught me staring. I glanced back up and a genuine grin was painted on his face. They started walking towards our table and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach turn to bricks.


(sorry it's so short, I will be adding another chapter tomorrow, thanks for reading loves!)

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