Expect the Unexpected

Leah Higgins thought she found her soul mate, the love of her life, until one day things fell apart completely. Leah and her best friend Jasmine head out for a night on the town in Atlanta but things suddenly go from great to perfect when an unexpected surprise occurs. Expect the Unexpected...


1. Out with the old, in with the new.



It’s our 2 year anniversary, I should be happy right? I felt anything BUT happy to be honest. I had been with Luke for 2 years today, and the spark was just gone. It had been for a while now. We started out as friends in school, and I thought he was my soulmate. But with all the arguments and his horrible attitude, I was starting to doubt that. He made me feel like I didn’t deserve better, and that this was as good as it was gonna get. I began to dread each day with him. Why I don’t break up with him, I have no idea. I guess a part of me still loves him dearly and I just have the tiniest bit of hope that he’ll change.

Jasmine and I were at the mall finding a dress to wear for tonight. After practically begging Luke to come to dinner with me he finally agreed. Jerk. It’s our 2 year anniversary, the least he could do is act like he cared. I was walking to the dressing room to try on a pile of gorgeous dresses when all of a sudden “Little Things” by One Direction came on the radio in the store. Jasmine and I dropped everything immediately and spazzed out, they are our favorite! We began fangirling in the middle of the store, getting stares from all directions, and we didn’t even care. I picked up all the dresses and my purse and started walking into a room. The lyrics of “Little Things” always made me feel better. It reminded me that there are still good guys out there, and that maybe, just maybe, I really did deserve better. Suddenly I snapped back to reality, exiting my deep thought, to my phone buzzing in my pocket. “Hello?” I answered. “Where the fuck are you? Let’s get this over with already” It was Luke. “It’s only 1 o’ clock Luke, dinner is definitely in the evening. Besides, what’s the rush, this is supposed to special.” I snapped back. “You’re lucky I’m even going out tonight with you” “Then just fuck it! Forget about it asshole!” I shouted and hung up, immediately bursting into tears and throwing my phone to the floor. I crouched down and felt a pair of arms wrap around me, it was Jasmine. “Thanks Jas” I managed to mutter. “What exactly happened?” she asked. “He’s trying to ‘hurry up and get tonight over with’ and he said I’m lucky to even be going out with him. I’m done Jas, I’m seriously done with him. I wanted to hold on just in case he would change but who am I kidding, he will never be the Luke I fell in love with ever again.” “It sounds like you need a girl’s night out on the town” Jasmine replied. “That honestly sounds perfect, we haven’t had one of those in ages” I said.

We hurried to my house to get ready. I picked out a shiny navy blue dress and some wedges and Jas picked out a floral romper with a blazer and some stilettos. I used a curling iron to create some soft waves, put on some makeup, and we were ready to go. “I think we should go to Velvet Room tonight Jas, they play the best songs!” I suggested. “Sounds great!” she replied. We got into my car and made our way toward downtown Atlanta. I couldn’t help but to go into deep thought the whole way there. I was thinking about how it was going to kill me to be apart from Luke, but at the same time I felt so free. The feeling of a fresh start finally started to sink in. As we pulled into the parking deck, we realized we had a few blocks to go before we got to the club. It was kinda creepy walking past dark alleys so we increased our pace. Suddenly I slammed into something, causing me to almost lose my balance.


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