1 girl,5 boys, ONE DREAM!

Carly maxwel, is just a normal 18 year old girl. But what happens when....... read and find out


5. Talking and stuff

EMily's POv:

I still cant believe this! " Guys look she's awake!" I hear a deep british accent. Zayn's voice?? O yah they are all sitting in my room i forgot! "  you took quite a fall there love. The waves were really coming in." Zayn says in is cute british accent. " Yah. Um.. Thank you. Im emily" " O I'm Zayn and these are-" Zayn said as i interrupted him. "Yah i know who you are! Me and Carly i kinda really big fans!" I catch Harry and Niall  staring at Carly who is starring at me. " I almost died not seeing you come up of the water for 2 minutes, then Zayn went underwater and took you out!" Carly says. I see Zayn blush a little and then he walks out. I get up and follow him, Its really hard to walk my head is throbbing like crazy. I find Zayn sitting on the hammock outside looking at the ocean as the waves crash. " Hey." I say shyly. I find him looking at me and i realize that i am in a bikini. Whoops. " Hi. Im glad that saving was worth it. You broke my board." He gives me a little bump on the shoulder. We both snicker. " O so i see that your board is more important than me almost dying! I see how it is" I say. We both laugh " but anyway, i wanted to say  thanks for saving me and al that 'hero' stuff"  " Your welcome. You seemed to get pretty knocked out. You were asleep out cold for 15 minutes." He explains to me. Wow that long!? " I didnt know i was out that long. I-" I was about to say something when Louis comes out and interrupts us " O YOU TOO LOVE BIRDS AR ESO CUTE!!" I blush a little as Zayn puts his arm around me. " lOuis shut up!" Zayn says. Finally Louis leaves

Carlys POV: I was wondering were Emily went off to. Then i noticed that Zayn wasn't there. Thats odd. OOOOOOOOOHHHHH they're probably "talking". HArry comes up to me O MY HECK! "Hey. You are pretty lucky to have Emily as your best friend. She seems really nice" he says in his deep, sexy, raspy voice. " yah i am. SHe is the bestes friend ever. I am NEVER letting anyone budge into our relationship." O crap i cant belive i am talking to Harry Styles. I only keep calm cuz i pretend like he is one of my brothers." My names Carly Maxwell1" as i put my hand out for him to shake it but instead i get a big hug?? OK " Im harry. Nice to meet you love." HE says with a big smile forming on his face. Awww iv'e only seen those dimples in pictures.

Niall's POV: ME louis and Liam are in Emily's room. The boys went off with the girls to who knows were. I really like Carly. She could be my perfect princess. But i saw HArry staring at her too. SHe probably will choose Harry, cuz i'm just a plain old Irish blonde boy. Someone as perfect as  Carly doesn't deserve me.

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