1 girl,5 boys, ONE DREAM!

Carly maxwel, is just a normal 18 year old girl. But what happens when....... read and find out


2. surfing

Carly's POV:

I wake up in the morning! The sun shining down as the waves crash. Uggggg i really want to go surfing!!! I go to the bathroom and put on my pink polkadot bikini with the matching shorts. I put my hair in a messy bun and grap my wet suit. I go to the kitchen nd my mom asks

" Hey hey hey," wih her mouth full with food,"where are you going you have scool in an hour?"

 " I knoww i will just catch a few waves. Im going over to emilys house and ask if she wants to come. OK?"

" Ok go"

I grab my board and go over to emilys house. She lives right next to me which is awsome! I nock on her ddoor but before i could do that i see her walk out in her wet suit on and her board in one hand.

" Hey i was just coming over to your house." Emily says to me. When we get to the beach we lay down our towels and automatically go in the water. We see other people in the water but we dont care. I always get the first wave which is AMAZAYN!!! I always laugh at her when she is left behind.

Emilys POV

AS we swam out farther  we got closer to the guys. There was a really big wave and i caught it. 

Lous POV: 

I was talking with the lads about those girls over there. " dang they are hot ecpecially the one with the brown hair." says harry. " o HARRY you think every girl is hot." the lads start snickering and he  flips us off. We see a big wave and Zayn catches it! ugh da** him.

A/N: I dont use foul language

Zayns Pov: Yes finally a wave that i could catch i think to myself.

Emilys P.O.V: O here we go!! I caught the wave!! i was sooo happy! Then when i looked to my side i saw a kid probably around my age 19 around there, who also got it. I looked at him and then i saw........



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