1 girl,5 boys, ONE DREAM!

Carly maxwel, is just a normal 18 year old girl. But what happens when....... read and find out


1. prolouge

My name is Carly Maxwell. I live in Long beach, California. I am;home schooled;so i really;haven't had the public school experience.

I am 18 years old, and have long,wavy,blonde hair, and hazel eyes. I love to sing, play my guitar and go surfing since i have a house right next to a beach.

My parents names are Marcus and Kathryn. I have 2 older brothers named Cole(21), and Chase(19). We have that brothers sister relationship. The one that we have fun with each other, we all have the same hobbies, and we aren't afraid to be with them in public.

I have one best friend who's name is Emily. Emily has, Brown straight hair, and blue eyes. personally think she's prettier that me, but thats my oppinion

We are both BIG fans of ONE DIRECTION!! She loves Zayn and i love Harry. My brothers are SO annoyed with us when we talk about them. We talk aboutthem 247. It actually pretty funny how annoyed they get. But one day we get the chance of a life time.

A\N: Hey i have writers block:( Any ideas??? plzz give feedback
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