1 girl,5 boys, ONE DREAM!

Carly maxwel, is just a normal 18 year old girl. But what happens when....... read and find out


3. meeting

Emily's POV: OMG ZAYN MALIK!!! I got soooo excited i fell of my board and tumbled in the wave. I got taken under. I felt the wave s coming and crashing on top of me one at a time! they kept coming and coming and i started running out of air when i felt something under me. I got so freaked out i thought it was a shark.

Zayn's POV: I saw the girl look at me and then before i knew it she went under. I didn't see her come back up for a while. So i let go of my board and swam under the wave. These waves were really hard and rough. It was one of those waves that keep coming and coming and coming! I finally saw a body structure and went under it to pick it up

EMily's POV:

 Ahhhh i finally got up and took a big whisp of air. But i was still freaked out of what went no down under the wave. OMG that was so friken scary!!! I thought to myself. I find my self in two muscular arms dragging me out to the sand. While i am sitting on the sand i see Carly, and these 5 other boys. My vision isnt that good since i probably go knocked out . I was getting carried by a guy for sure. Then i remember right before i fell in the wave i saw Zayn Malik. OMG HES THE ONE THAT SAVED ME. WAIT WAIT WAIT.... SO I JUST GOT SAVED MY ZAYN JAVADD FRIKIN MALIK!!!!???? HOLY CRAP!!! afgdhdstsjw!!!!! BEfor i know it i am laying on my bed with Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Carly???? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING.

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