The Bucket List

She's that crazy musical genius who received a scholarship to Julliard, but vowed she would never play a note of music again, turned down the scholarship and moved across Canada to pursue journalism. Most people saw Summer Terrace as a lost cause, but she needed an escape. She decided that this was the time to do the things that she's been yearning to do. She was going to start on that Bucket list that had been sitting in her notebook for all those years. When this eighteen year old journalist's newest assignment is to go undercover as One Direction's pianist and write articles about everything that happens on and off the stage of their summer world tour, she is overwhelmed to say the least. Summer, now known as Hope Carter, has no clue how difficult it will be to keep her secret as she slips deeper and deeper into trust with each boy and get's swept off her feet by the 'the blonde Irish one.' After all, is it possible to be genuine when you're lying about you're very identity?


8. Parents, Paris And Pride


                “I found this kid. He’s twenty six. He doesn’t have the kind of experience that Hope has, but he can play well and he’s well known,” I listened to Mr. Adams in disbelief. My whole body started to go numb.

                “We’ll give her until France,” I heard the other voice say very distinctly. 

            France! That’s in less than a week! My mind screamed to my heart which was aching. The door opened and I quickly grasped my hotel door handle, and slipped in. I peered through a crack in the door to see who would exit. I felt my jaw drop as I watched Simon Cowell walk past my door.

“No way! It’s Simon freaking Cowell,” I whispered, slamming the door shut. I had only watched his TV shows for my whole life. I always imagined singing in front of him and him telling me how brilliant I was.

Now, I’m on his hit list… wonderful.    


                Summer’s journal: May 13, 2013

                Today I woke up and I had an idea! In order to save my job and stay on the tour so that some piano playing jerk doesn’t get my job is to simply ignore the boys. Smile at them, but don’t talk to them. Then, they’ll stop talking to me and I’ll stop being a distraction. I’ll mind my own business until the end of August and everyone will be happy… everyone except me.  


                Harry’s journal: May 17, 2013

                Today we’re in Italy. It’s one of my favorite places. We spent two days in Poland and two days in Germany. The fans around here are incredible. Even though they don’t speak English very well, they know all our songs by heart. Tomorrow we’re in Spain for two days and the next day we’re in France. Everything is going really well, except for Hope. We’re all worried about her. Probably me and Niall more than the rest. Whenever we try to talk to her, she just shuts us down. It’s like she’s avoiding me. Was it really so bad that I wanted to kiss her? The first couple of weeks she was so sweet and funny. But now, she won’t even look me in the eye. So the boys and I decided to have an intervention.


                I sat down in my dressing room in front of a large mirror. I sighed as I looked at my reflection. Why was it that I always see all my imperfections when I look at myself? Geneva had to fix some wardrobe crisis because Louis ripped off Zayn’s sleeve ‘by accident,’ so I began to start on my makeup myself. I picked up a black liner and began to draw a line underneath my eye. I looked up to see Niall slowly opening my door.

                “Hey,” he said, softly, “Can we talk?”

                “I guess,” I said, as I watched Niall walk in, followed by Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. They stood there, staring at me grimly.

                “What’s up?” I asked, putting down my liner.

                “That’s sort of what we were going to ask you,” Harry said. I looked at him, confusion written across my face.

                “All of a sudden you’re acting like you don’t even know us. I know that some things happened, but you didn’t even give us a chance to explain ourselves,” Niall said, shyly. I knew he was talking about Annie.

                “That’s not it,” I said, quietly.

                “Then what’s wrong?” Liam asked, concerned.

                “I’m going to be replaced,” I mumbled, not daring to look any of them in the eye.

                “What!” Harry practically shouted.

                “She’s going to be replaced!” Louis shouted back at Harry. All of the boys looked annoyingly back at Louis.

                “Why?” Niall asked.

                “Because I’m apparently a distraction,” I said, sighing. “I have till France to prove that I'm not a distraction or I will be replaced.”

                “Says who?” Harry asked.

                “Simon Cowell.”

                “He told you?” Zayn asked, he sounded surprised.

                “I overheard,” I admitted.

                “So you just tried to having nothing to do with us so that you could stay?” Harry asked, trying to get everything straight.

                “Yeah,” I nodded, “I didn’t mean to hurt any of you. I just didn’t want anything taking you away from your music,” I said, stuttering over my words. I finally looked up at the five boys who were intently staring at me. “You know I think this is the first time I’ve seen you all so serious for so long,” I said, smirking. They all broke into smiles.

                “Screw management,” Zayn said, abruptly throwing his arms down.

               I caught Niall looking back at me. His eyes looked scared, "We've got your back no matter what."


                I coiled the hotel phone cord around my finger as I listened to the ringing of the phone. I looked out the window, seeing the Eiffel Tower and smiled to myself. If you told me a year before that I would be in Paris on a world tour, I would’ve laughed in your face.

                “Hello?” a familiar voice answered the phone.

                “Annabelle!” I screamed into the phone. It was so good to hear her voice after being away from her for so long.

                “Summer! How are you doing? How is the tour?” she pelted me with questions.

                “The tour is good. Crazy, but good. I just really miss you,” I said, looking down at the phone cord wrapped around my finger. Finally I took a deep breath and spoke into the phone, “I applied to Julliard this morning,” I said, waiting for a response. There was a long silence. “I know that you didn’t want me going there, but I’ve fallen in love with the music all over again. It’s weird too because I’m learning new things about music and myself that I never noticed before.”

                “No Summer, it’s not that I didn’t want you to go to Julliard, I just knew that you wouldn’t be happy there this past year. I’m so glad that it’s all coming back to you. John- I mean your dad would be so proud of you. Both your mom and dad would be so proud of you,” She said. I heard her voice crack a few times.

                “We’ll both make it through today okay,” I said reassuring her. I felt a tear escaping the corner of my eye and sliding down my cheek

                “Summer?” she asked snuffling.


                “I’m so proud of you.”



                “And here we are, the top of the Eiffel Tower,” Niall said as he handed me my bucket list. I ticked off number three, smiling. It was eleven thirty, after the concert that we had played that night. The Eiffel Tower had closed at eleven, but they allowed us up, since we were… special... or something.

                “I’m really sorry about this week,” he said, leaning over the railing and looking over all of the city of Paris. Each light sparkling like spilt glitter carelessly thrown about the city. I watched as the night wind swept through his hair, not saying anything. “You need to know that Annie and I dated and I broke up with her once the band really started picking up because I didn’t want to hurt her by being away for such a long time. We stayed really good friends…” he trailed off.

                “It didn’t look like that the other day,” I bitterly stated.

                “We were talking about how things used to be. She came really close and I went to step back, but as soon as I did, you walked in. it was pretty awkward between us until she left” he said, looking down at me to see my facial expression.

                “You really expect me to believe that?” I asked, looking back up at him, startled by how crystal clear his blue eyes were.

                “Only if you believe the truth,” he said calmly.

"I don't even see why it matters," I said stubbornly. I watched as Niall let a smirk creep up. I could tell he wasn't buying my act. “So who’s idea was it to take me up here?” I asked, smirking right back.

                “Are you saying that I’m not romantic enough to come up with this on  my own?” he asked, jokingly. I looked back at him with my eyebrows raised. “Fine, it was Liam’s idea.”

                I laughed looking back out, “I knew it.” As if it was being swept right back to me, I remembered my conversation with Annabelle that morning and frowned.

                “What’s wrong?” he asked, leaning over to look straight at me.

                “Today is the day,” I said, sighing as I felt my lip quiver.

                “What day?”

                “Today is May the twentieth. Today is one year since my parents…” I couldn’t finish the sentence as I choked back a tear. I felt Niall’s arm rap around me and pulled me in. 

                “Tell me something about them,” he whispered in my ear.

                I thought for a minute as I laid me head against Niall’s chest, looking out into the night, “They had their first kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower the day he asked her to marry him.” I giggled between a tear when I saw Niall’s reaction. He looked so surprised. “Their love was something else. It was so pure. They made sure that they were going to spend the rest of their lives with each other before they even kissed. They were so beautiful and I never realized that until they were gone. Every piece of music they made was beautiful, but I never took the time to understand that until they had left.”

                “You know, their music wasn’t the only beautiful thing that they made,” he said, looking down at me, smiling. I felt myself blush.

                “Can I kiss you?” he whispered.

"Not yet," I whispered back. Instead of the frown that I was expecting, he smiled his goofy Niall smile back as if he was completely content in that moment. “You have to prove yourself," I said slowly. He surprisingly looked even happier.  

                “You’re so different” he said, kissing the side of my forehead.

            "How so?"  I asked, looking up at him.

             “More precious than any other girl I've ever met.” And in that moment, I was completely content.


                You know those movies where the character wakes up with a smile on their face? Well that happened to me! I happily decided in that very moment that I loved hotel pillows. They were always so fluffy. I quickly threw on some skinny jeans, a white hoodie and my blue and white striped Toms. I wiped my hand over my face, trying to wipe the sleepiness away. I felt my stomach growl and I figured that breakfast seemed like a good plan. Throwing my hair into a messy bun on top of my head I opened the door of my hotel room to a startling surprise that completely scared away any of the sleepiness that was still left in me. There in front of me stood about twenty reporters and photographers blocking me from exiting my room. I stood dumbfounded at why they were all yelling at me. Then suddenly I heard the exact reason.

                “Hope Carter! Is it true that you’re dating Niall Horan?” a reporter yelled, handing me a picture of me and Niall walking down the street of Paris the previous night. I was looking up at him, smiling and holding his hand.

                … oh crap.



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