The Bucket List

She's that crazy musical genius who received a scholarship to Julliard, but vowed she would never play a note of music again, turned down the scholarship and moved across Canada to pursue journalism. Most people saw Summer Terrace as a lost cause, but she needed an escape. She decided that this was the time to do the things that she's been yearning to do. She was going to start on that Bucket list that had been sitting in her notebook for all those years. When this eighteen year old journalist's newest assignment is to go undercover as One Direction's pianist and write articles about everything that happens on and off the stage of their summer world tour, she is overwhelmed to say the least. Summer, now known as Hope Carter, has no clue how difficult it will be to keep her secret as she slips deeper and deeper into trust with each boy and get's swept off her feet by the 'the blonde Irish one.' After all, is it possible to be genuine when you're lying about you're very identity?


1. Bright Blouses and British Boy Bands


Summer’s Journal entry: June 18, 2012

                Tonight I graduated. I won’t lie, as I walked across the stage and stared out into the faces of all the proud parents, staring up at me, something stung. But I plastered a convincing, confident smile, something I had learned to do throughout my five years of competitive cheerleading. I walked up to a member of the school board who switched my tassel from one side to the other, then I continued on to my principle who shook my hand, gave me my diploma and congratulated me. I looked into his unfamiliar eyes. I had gone to the same high school for four years, yet I had never had an actual conversation with the man. What gave him the right to give me my diploma? Isn’t this supposed to be one of the biggest days of my life? Shouldn’t it have been someone who actually meant something to me? I smiled as a way of saying thank you and walked back to my seat where the rest of my class was. Afterwards, while everyone was taking pictures in their caps and gowns, my aunt Annabelle walked up to me. Her curled red hair always fell perfectly around her face. She lived in Toronto and every time I saw her, she always looked classier. Now that she’s twenty-six, she is well into her career as an editor at a magazine in Toronto called tTeen. She always gives me tips on my writing. I so desperately want to be a writer. As soon as I saw her, my whole face lit up. She smiled back as she leaned in for a hug. She congratulated me and then looked me in the eye and told me something I had been dreading the whole year.

                “You’re not a kid anymore,” she said. I supposed she noticed my frown because she leaned in and said, “There is a positive side to this situation. You now have the freedom to be whoever you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to do what everyone is expecting of you, if that isn’t what you want. You don’t have to take that scholarship. Go do the things that you have been yearning to do. Go be the girl that you were born to be. I know that that girl is so amazing and has so much potential to do great things. So, go do those great things that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl.”

I stared up into her hazel eyes, about to cry.

                 Now I’m staring into all the things I’ve always wanted to do. They’re staring back at me, almost mockingly. Some of these things are obviously in no way practical. What was I even thinking when I wrote them down?

                “Go do the things you’ve been yearning to do.”

                I’m too scared

                “Go do the things you’ve been yearning to do.”

                I can’t

                “Go do the things you’ve been yearning to do.”

                Those words just seem to resonate and I can’t let go of them. With those words grasped close to my heart, I stare down once more at the list. This list, I wonder where it will take me…


My Bucket List

1.       Move out of this town

2.       Ride a double decker bus in London

3.       Stand at the top on the Eiffel Tower

4.       Play in front of 1000+ people

5.       Have a silly string fight

6.       Ride a camel

7.       Make a historical discovery

8.       Learn to surf in Australia

9.   Go to a drive in movie

10. Do something nice for someone random

11.   Hear someone’s life story on a plane

12.   Meet micky mouse

13. Record in professional studio

14.   Take a picture with someone I love in time square

15. Go to the Tinamin Square on June the fourth 

16.   Learn to dance

17. be asked out to prom

18.   Do someone that no one has ever done

19.   Define love





… If only I knew where this list would take me.





Chapter one


        “Hurry up, Henry! We’re late!” I yelled back as I ran out of the elevator, almost tripping over my new red heals. I pulled down my tight grey pencil skirt as I quickly waddled down a long hall that led to a conference room. I turned around to see my camera man, Henry struggling to keep up with me with all of his gear hanging off of him.

        “Summer! He called out to me, “Slow down!” But I wouldn’t slow down. There is no way that I am going to screw this interview up. My fake glasses wobbled back and forth on my nose as I as slid my hand along my sandy blonde hair which was pulled into a neat bun. In that moment I looked as professional as an eighteen year old girl was going to get. I grasped the door and waited for Henry to catch up to me. As I entered the room, I was filled with the same butterflies I always get right before an interview. I quickly walked over to the receptionist, who was at her desk. She looked to be about thirty.

        “Hi, I’m from tTeens Magazine,” I said to the woman.

“tTeens,” she said under her breath as she flipped through a pile of papers. She turned to look up at me and then took a double take.

“They said the fans were bad, but seriously, isn’t dressing up as a reporter to meet the boys a little bit low?” she said, pulling her glasses away from her face. I rolled my eyes as I took out my editorial ID. She leaned in to get a closer look. “You’re really a journalist?” she asked, looking up at me doubtfully. “Yes!” I wanted to scream. But I simply nodded and put my ID away as the woman continued to flip through her papers. I stuck my tongue out at her which made Henry laugh, but quickly pulled it back in before she looked back up at me. “You’ll be with Louis and Niall from 2:30 to 2:40.”

“Thank you,” I said, turning away from the desk. As I was walking away I could hear the receptionist paging someone that some girl is most likely posing for a journalist and to keep an eye out for a girl in a grey pencil skirt and red blouse with extremely amazing taste… okay, so I added on that last part. I rolled my eyes as I sat down in a chair and took out my iPhone. Henry had gone to the buffet of sandwiches.

Niall and Louis. This was perfect. I began to review the facts that I had jotted down on my phone. Niall likes Nandos and is Irish. Louis is the oldest, he’s dating a girl named Eleanor and is the jokester. See, part of being a journalist is doing your homework. Since I was interviewing a band of four young British boys and an Irish boy, the homework didn’t really feel like homework. It brought me back to my childhood when I would fangirl with all my other friends at the age of the fourteen. I smiled remembering what my life looked like when I was that old. But it’s not that I wasn’t a fan of this new band that was causing this mass hysteria around the world. This band, One Direction. I’d admit that they were cute and they’re music was catchy. I suppose I just never had time to jump on the bandwagon during such a crazy year.

“Did you hear, she’s only eighteen,” I heard from behind me.

“Yeah, that magazine must have been desperate. Most eighteen year olds couldn’t get a job as an intern let alone a journalist,” I heard a different voice say in response with a small giggle.

Knowing they were talking about me, I turned around, faking a smiling, “Don’t worry, I already did my internship.” I stared straight into the eyes of two embarrassed reporters and then walked away. I scanned the relatively noisy room. Did I actually look that much younger than everyone else? I didn’t think I looked that much different than… well except for that round sixty year old guy purging on sandwiches.

“Henry,” I called, walking up to Henry who was playing Angry Birds on his phone. He looked up at me, annoyed. “You have to go set up your gear.”

“Fine,” he said, hauling his big black bags into the next room. I looked past Henry to see two young boys sitting on a couch with a microphone in hand. I smiled, confidently as I walked in.

“Make them believe that you’re whatever age you tell them you are. As long as you’re confident, you can tell them that you’re forty and they won’t question you.” I remembered my chief editor say to me.

I took a deep breath as I sat down in the reporter’s chair. The camera that sat perched beside me gave me some comfort as if it was my friend. Sometimes when I’m in situations when I feel that everyone wants me to fail, objects make nice friends.

“Hi, my name is Summer Terrace from tTeens Magazine,” I said staring into the brilliant blue eyes of Niall Horan. Both Niall and Louis nodded. I knew that they didn’t care who I was or what magazine I was from, but it’s just something you have to do. All of a sudden I went from a sophisticated eighteen year old to a hysterical fourteen year old in an eighteen year old’s body. Why was I so nervous and excited? Summer, pull yourself together. I thought to myself. “So, how are you liking Canada and Toronto?” I asked.

“You know it’s kind of weird,” Louis began, “Because Canada is so well known for being polite and reserved, but that doesn’t seem to be the case,” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it’s definitely just as loud as ever.” Niall joined in.

“So, you’re single,” I said pointing to Niall, “And you’re in a relationship,” I said pointing to Louis as they both nodded. “What is it like for you boys as relationships come and go and some of you guys are in relationships, but some of you aren’t?”

“Since we’re all so close, we’re all there for each other during the ups and downs of each other’s relationships,” Louis said, he wasn’t giving me much to work with.

“You’re telling me it’s never awkward having half the band in a relationship?” I pressed into the subject deeper.

“You know I’m really happy that the boys have found amazing girls and I’m routing for them one hundred percent. But I’m not in a rush to get with a girl just because the other lads have girlfriends. I won’t give my heart to just anyone. I’m waiting for the right one because I know what I deserve,” Niall explained.

I smiled at him, impressed. He seemed to be beaming too. “Good for you,” was all I could think of to say, and I could tell that he knew I meant it. “Well, I know how fast your rise to fame has come. Do you guys have a backup plan for your future?”

The boys both looked at each other, “You know, I think we’re just really happy living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. I-“ all of a sudden Louis stopped. He was looking above me. I twirled around to see a tall boy with brown curly hair and sharp green eyes. I know who this guy is! I thought as I stared up at him confused. It’s umm.. ummmm… HARRY! I announce to myself proudly for remembering. He looked down at me as if he was a five year old getting caught taking cookies before dinner.

“Hi!” he said.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“We were told not to talk to you,” he said.

“I don’t know, she doesn’t seem like a fan,” Louis said, judgingly with his arms crossed.

“I’m not a fan,” I said in frustration. All of a sudden I realized what I had said as the three boys stared at me awkwardly. “I mean, I’m a fan, just not a crazy one,” I said, trying to salvage the interview. “Can we just finish?” I pleaded to Louis and Niall.

“Sure, hit us with your next question,” Niall said.

I smiled at him thankfully and he nodded. “This mustn’t have been an easy journey. But what was your biggest struggle along the way?”

“I think the biggest struggle is being away from our family and friends. Luckily we have each other to keep us going when we’re tired or discouraged,” Louis said looking at Niall who nodded.

I looked down at my hands placed neatly on my lap, “It’s nice to have a good group around you to keep you grounded.” They both nodded. “Well thank you for your time, it’s been lovely speaking to you,” I said smiling as I stood up to shake their hands. I turned around to find Harry still standing behind me. “Can I help you?” I asked again.

“Why would they think you were a fan?” he asked me.

I smiled at Louis and Niall, “I like your friend.” I turned to Henry, “I’ll meet you down at the car okay?”

He looked at me as he took his camera off his tripod, “Fine.”

I sighed as I walked down the hall toward the elevator. It could’ve gone better… but it could’ve been worse.

                As I entered the elevator I heard someone’s voice called out, “Can you hold the elevator?” I quickly grasped the side of the elevator to keep it from closing. Yet to my sudden shock, the boy who owned the voice that had just slipped into the elevator was none other than Niall Horan.       


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