Shh! I'm Best Friend With One Direction!

Abigail Blake. Yeah probably never heard of her. But you have heard of One Direction. Wanna know a secret? She's One Directions best friend.

Abigail was a normal girl. In a normal town. With normal friends. Yep that's what it looked like. But the truth is that she's known Niall Horan since they were kids and she's best friends with Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and of course Niall. Everyone knows her as 'Mystery Girl' but her secret can't be kept hidden for long. Being best friends with the boys is hard. Being in love with your best friend is way harder.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
"You said you would never hurt me! You said you would never make me cry!" I yelled.
Niall paced back and forth running his hands through his hair. "I know! I know! But things changed! Abigail WE changed!" He said.
I wiped the tears of my cheeks. "I need to go." I said and walked out the door.


1. I. I Walked Around In Pajamas All Day Today!


Shh! I'm Best Friends With 1D!


I. I Walked Around In Pajamas All Day Today!

I turned on my TV and smirked when I saw what was on. 

"Boy band One Direction does it again!" The lady said. "Their concert sold out in less that ten minutes!" 

My phone beeped and I looked at it. 

From: Harry Luvs Kitties! <3 

Subject: News! 

We sold out in less than ten minutes Abi! Niall fell off his chair when he saw! Don't worry I took a pic just for you :) Lou says 'CAROTS!' and Zayn said thanx for the gel. Liam said to stop sending him spoons. 

We miss you Abi! When r u coming? Niall says he loves you and misses you! Aww Niall's blushing! Hugs & Kisses- Hazza 

I laughed. I had sent Zayn like ten boxes full with hair gel for his precious hair and I sent Liam a lot of spoons. Gosh I missed those guys! 

Okay first let me explain. Yes I am talking about Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn from One Direction. They are my best friends. We text each other a lot cause we can't see each other a lot since their famous and I'm normal and have to study for school. I've known Niall since we were in diapers. He introduced me to Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn over a year ago and we totally hit it off. Now I'm like their little sister. Their always sending me messages saying what their doing and embarrassing Niall. They think it's funny when Niall gets all red when they say embarrassing things about him to me. 

I wrote back a reply. 

To: Harry Luvs Kitties! <3 

Subject: xp 

Sent me the pic of Niall! Please Hazza! Tell Zayn that I knew he would like them ;) tell Liam that spoons don't kill people. Tell Louis CCCAAARRROOOTTTTSSSS! 

I miss you guys too! (pouting) Save me from this boring life of mine! Lova ya Niall! ;) 

P.s. Tell Nially Poo that I have a present for him ;) If he wants it he has to wait to see me cause I need to give it to him in person. See ya Nially Poo! Hugs and Kisses just 4 u! If you wanna shared em that's your prob! I miss your laugh! Hope to see ya soon! 

I sent the message to Harry or Hazza whatever you wanna call him. A minute later I got a message. 

From: Nially <3 

Subject: Your Kisses <3 

I don't like sharing! I refuse to share your hugs and kisses! Their mine! All mine! I wish you were here with us. Miss you Abi Poo! Hope you haven't forgot how I look. Lou says he wants to fight for your kisses and hugs. No one will take them from me! Their only mine! ;) Love ya Abi! 

P.s. Can't stop thinking bout you! Love you with all my heart and hope you have a great day. ;)

I was about to reply when I heard the front door open. 

"Abigail!" My mom called. "I'm home!" 

"In the living room!" I said. 

A second later she walked into the living room. 

"Will you go pick up Jason from his sleepover?" Mom asked. "I called Stefan but he's at work." 

I got off the couch. "Sure." I said. 

"Have you talked to Niall?" Mom asked. "I haven't heard from him in a long time. Sarah keeps saying how fast he grew up and now doesn't have time for his mom." 

"He's fine." I said. "He and they guys are still in tour. I'm sure he'll call Ms. Horan when he has time. I'm gonna go now!" 

I grabbed my keys and walked out of the house. I'm Abigail Blake by the way. I'm seventeen and a junior in high school. I'm 5'6 and have long curly hazel hair and green blue eyes. I have two brothers. Jason is just four years old and says the cutest things. He had brown hair and sky blue eyes. Stefan is eighteen and has dirty blonde hair with dark blue eyes. He's graduating this year. Right now he's working to get enough money to get his own apartment. Mom's been depressed cause she says Stefan is leaving all ready and in a year that's gonna be me. She cried when Stefan told her. 

I got into my car and drove to Jason's friends house. I was in white pajama shorts and a pink short sleeve shirt and white Hugg boots. My hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. It's not like I was gonna see anyone I knew. I was just gonna get Jason and leave. It's nine in the morning! I could hear little kids screaming from inside the big white two story house once I stepped out of my car. I walked to the front door and knocked. Two seconds later a little kid wearing blue pajamas opened the door. 

"Hey Malcolm can you call Jason?" I asked. "I came to pick him up." 

"Okay Abi!" Malcolm said and grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. 

I had never really been inside his house before. It was pretty big. He lead me to the living room. 

When I walked in I saw Jason on some guy only wearing his boxers back. This isn't the strangest thing I've seen. Remember that Harry loves walking around naked. Yep.... 

"Jason can you get off that guys back and grab your stuff so we can go." I said. 

Both Jason and the guy turned to look at me. 

"Abi!" All the little boys yelled and then ran to hug me. I fell to the ground with seven four year olds on top of me. 

"Ow..." I grouned. "That hurt." 

"Are you okay?" I looked over at the guy standing over us still in his boxers. 

"Abi we had chocolate for breakfast! Ty gave us chocolate cause he said he was to lazy to cook for us!" Jason said jumping up and down. 

I looked at the guy who must be Ty. "You gave seven four year old chocolate for breakfast?" I asked and stood up. 

He blushed. 

"I have nothing against it cause well i do the same thing when I don't feel like making a four year breakfast. But the only bad thing about that is that they go wild." I said. 

"Yeah I kinda figured that when you brother was tying my hands when you walked in." He said. 

"Abi I can fly!" Jason said and jumped of the sofa. I caught him before he could hurt himself. 

"Go get your stuff." I said. "We are gonna have a proper breakfast." 

"Kay!" Jason said. 

"I've seen you are at school." Ty said. 

"Really?" I asked trying to remember if I had seen him before. Nope. "I've never seen you." 

He blushed. "Yeah..." He said like he knew something I didn't. "I'm Tyler by the way. I'm Malcolm's older brother." 

"I'm Abigail but people call me Abi." I said. "I didn't know Malcolm had a brother? Well I kinda do zone out a lot so my mom might've mentioned something but I was to busy thinking about some random stuff." 

He laughed. "Why are you still in your pajamas?" He asked. 

"I was way to comfortable so I didn't see the point in changing." I admitted. 

"I'm ready Abi!" Jason said walking into the living room. 

"Well bye." I told Ty. 

"Bye." He said. 

We walked out of the house and I put Jason in the backseat and buckled him up then got into the driver's seat. I handed Jason my iPhone so he could play Angry Birds which btw he was addicted too. I was driving to the restaurant Stefan works at when Jason spoke up for the first time since we got into the car. 

"Abi someone is cawing!" He said. 

"Can you answer Jason?" I said. 

"Kay!" He said happily. "Hewwwwoooo!!!!!" 

I laughed at his cute vocabulary. 

"Who is this! Why is a boy cawwing my sista!" Jason said into the phone. Stefan kinda convinced Jason to make sure no creepy mean guys called and now every time he answers the phone and it's a guy he doesn't recognize he goes mental. "Niall! I miss you! Abi is always saying how much she-" 

"Jason put in on speaker!" I said before he said something totally embarrassing. 

"I'll hold it to your ear." Jason said unbuckling himself. Oh my gods! 

"Jason sit down!" I said looking at him thru the mirror. 

He got off his seat and stood up. 

"Jason sit down! Your gonna make me get a ticket!" I said taking my eyes off the road for a second to turn and look at him. Next thing I knew I had crashed into a tree in the side of the road. Jason hit his head and started crying. The front window broke. 

"Shit!" I said. 

"Abi! Abi! What happened! Abi!" I heard Niall's voice coming out of my phone. 

I grabbed my phone. 

"Niall I'll call you later." I said. "I just crashed into a stupid tree and my front windows broke. My mom's gonna kill me. Jason is crying." 

"Oh my gods are you okay! Where are you!" Niall's worried voice said. 

"I'm fine." I said. "I'll call you after mom yells at me for wreaking my car." 

"Are you sure you're okay?" Niall asked. 

"I'm sure." 

"Okay call me when you have time." He said. 

"Kay!" I said and hung up. 

I got out of the car and opened the backseat door and took Jason out. 

"Let's call Stefan." I said told him. "You okay?" 

"Yes." Jason sniffled. "You bleeding Abi." 

He pointed at arms and face. The glass had probably cut me. I dialed Stefan. 

"Abi I'm at work I'll call you lat-" He started but I interrupted. 

"Me and Jason got in a car accident." I said and I heard something break from the other side of the line. "We're fine but my car is not. Can you come and pick us up? I don't want people calling the police and making a big fuss about it." 

"Where are you?" He asked. "I'll be there in five minutes." He said once I told him in the road we were on. I hung up and we waited. 

"I'm sorry Abi." Jason said. 

"It's okay." I smiled down at my cute little brother. 

"Don't worry I'll tell mommy that a monster attacked us and broke the car!" Jason said happily. 

Oh boy!

After Stefan picked us up and the tow truck took our car Stefan took us back to his job. He said that we wouldn't tell mom about what happened and told Jason that we would get him chocolate ice cream for the rest of this week and next if he didn't say anything. We were sitting in the counter right now waiting for Stefan to bring us our food. The restaurant was full with a bunch of girls who were glaring at me. Okay sluts it's not my fault my brother doesn't like you! Gosh! 

Jason was staring and the huge glass of chocolate ice cream Stefan had just put in front of him. His eyes looked like they were gonna fall out. I took a picture. Stefan laughed and put my plate in front of me and came minutes later with another plate and sat next to me. 

"Are you done?" I asked eating a french fry. 

"Yep." He said. "It's already one-thirty." 

"Dang!" I said. 

"Jason are you gonna keep staring at your ice cream till it melts or are you gonna eat it?" Stefan asked. 

Jason broke out of his trace and his eyes twinkle with delight and he licked his lips. Me and Stefan laughed. Jason started eating his ice cream. By the time he finished he would be covered in it. 

"Stefan will you tell your girlfriends to stop glaring at me." I said as I took a bite of my cheeseburger. 

Stefan turned to look at the girls and they all smiled cause they didn't want to get caught by him glaring at me. 

"I all ready did but they don't seem to listen." Stefan said and munched on his fries. 

We ate and watched the TV. The owner of the restaurant's son had changed the channel to Spongebob Squarepants went he saw us walk in. He loves Jason and has a crush on me. 

My phone rang.

I've tried playing it cool 

But when I'm looking at you 

I can't ever be brave 

Cause you make my heart race 

Shot me outta the sky 

Your my kryptonite 

You keep making me weak 

Yeah frozen and can't breathe 

Something's gonna get loud 

Cause if not they don't make you see 

That I need you here with me now 

Cause you've got that one thing 

Get out get out get outta my head 

And fall into my arms instead 

I don't I don't don't know what it's is 

But you've got that one thing 

And I need that one thing

I answered my phone. Stefan was smirking. 


"Abi!!!" A guy yelled. "Oh my gods you guys she's alive! Let's celebrate! Get the carrots!" 

"Lou you ate the last carrot this morning." I heard someone say. 

"No!!!!!" I heard the person with the phone say. 

"Lou their a package for you." Someone said. 

I realized it was Louis on the phone. Niall must've told them about the accident. Opps I forgot to call him back. 

"It's carrots!" Louis screamed. 

"Oh yeah I sent them to you." I said. 

"I love you Abi!" Louis screamed into the phone and I pulled it away from my ear. Everyone in the restaurant could hear him. "Abi you are the best! I love you! Will you marry me! Abi say yes! You are the perfect wife for me!" 

Everyone in the restaurant was looking at me. 

"Louis shut up!" I heard Harry yell. "Everyone know Abi's and me and gonna eventually get married." 

Stefan was laughing. 

"You guys everyone in the restaurant heard what you just said." I said. "I'm being stared at by everyone. I'm gonna murder two when I see you." 

"Abi you wouldn't kill your husband would you?" Louis asked. 

"Give me the phone." I heard Liam say. 

"But she's my future wife!" Louis whined. 

"Not if I kill you before then." I mumbled but I guess they heard. I heard Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall laughing. 

"I'm gonna go eat my carrots!" Louis said. "Here." 

"Hey Abi." Liam said. 

"Hey!" I said. 

"Niall told us you crashed. Are you okay?" 

"Yeah. I'm fine." I said not mentioning the bruises and scratches I had. "My car isn't tough. Stefan has to drive me around for a few days. Oh the misery I'm gonna put him thru!" 

Liam laughed. "Niall was going mental cause you hadn't called back." He said. "He was about to drive all the way there just to make sure you were fine. He's blushing right now." 

"Aww Nialler why are you blushing!?" I heard Harry and Zayn say. 

I laughed. "Ignore them Nially Poo!" I said into the phone. 

"Aww did Abi just call you Nially Poo!" Harry said and giggled like a girl. 

"That's so cute!" Zayn said. 

"You two sound like girls." I said. 

"I think they might be girls." Liam said. 

"Chocolate!" Jason yelled from my right. His hand were dripping of chocolate and his mouth was covered in it. 

"Was that Jason?" Liam asked. 

"Yes." I said. "He's eating a huge glass of chocolate ice cream for breakfast." 

"Lucky!" Harry, Zayn and Niall yelled. 

I laughed. 

"Liam won't let us have ice cream in the morning!" Harry whined. 

"Abi I think Liam is going crazy!" Zayn added. 

"He locked the freezer!" Niall whined. 

"Stop whining!" Liam said. "Abi I only did that cause last week they woke up at five in the morning and ate ice cream till nine in the morning! They got sick and we had to postpone the concert till the next day." 

"Liam your the only responsible one." I said. "That's why your my favorite." 

"Hey we heard that!" Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry said. 

"Just kidding!" I said. "You guys know who my favorite is." 

"Me!" Louis yelled. 

"No she's talking about me!" Harry said. 

"You guys she's obviously talking about me!" Zayn said. 

"I'm the cute Irish!" Niall said. "Plus I've known her longer! So duh it's me!" 

The four if them started arguing. 

"You planned this all along didn't you?" Liam asked. 

"Yep." I said. "I'll call you later to see who won. Bye Liam!" 

"Bye Abi!" He said. 

I hanged up. 

"Chocolate!" Jason said. 

I turned and looked at him. His eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of his head. He has had way to much sugar. 

Someone walked into the restaurant. I turned to see who it was. A girl my age with wavy brown hair a dark blond hi-lights walked in. She had pretty green eyes and a blue beanie on her head. She had a blue off the shoulder shirt and black skinny jeans with black combat boots. She looked around the restaurant probably looking for a seat. There was none besides the two next to Jason. A guy that looked like her walked in. 

"Nina is there anywhere to sit?" He asked. 

"Right here." She said sitting down next to Jason. 

The guy took the seat next to her. He had black hair with blue eyes. He had a dark blue shirt and black skinny jeans with hi top converse. 

"Chocolate!" Jason said for the third time. He had a crazy look on his face. 

"Stefan control your brother." I said. 

He chuckled. "He's your brother too." He said. 

"You gave him the ice cream." I said. 

"You crashed the car." He said. 

"Jason was un buckled!" I said. 

"So basically this is all his fault." Stefan said. 

"Yep." I said putting my head in the counter. 

"Chocolate!" Jason said again. 

I turned to look at him. He was offering the girl some ice cream. 

"Pretty girl want ice cream?" He asked. 

She smiled at him. "No thanx. It's all yours." She said. "Your a cute little boy." 

"Twanx!" He said smiling. 

"Jason I think you've had enough ice cream." I said. "How about you give it to Stefan and we get you some vegetables?" 

"Carrots!" Jason yelled. "Lou loves carrots!" 

I'm gonna kill Louis for teaching Jason to yell 'Carrots!' out randomly. 

"Give me the ice cream." I said reaching for it. 

"No!" Jason said. "I'll tell Mommy that you crashed the car!" 

"Okay! Fine! You little bugger!" I said letting him finish his ice cream. "Little demon child. I swear your worst than Stefan when he was little." 

"Hey!" Stefan said. "I was nothing like Jason!" 

"You told me when I was four that if I stayed awake for a whole week then I would get a pony!" I said. "You know what I got! I fell asleep for tree days after that stupid prank. Now cause of that I don't get sleepy in the night that easily." 

"I said I was sorry!" Stefan said. 

"That doesn't help me sleep does it?" I asked. "I haven't slept in two days cause of that prank." 

"I'm gonna tell Mommy that you two are fighting!" Jason said. 

We shut our mouths. 

"How is it that a four year old is telling us what to do?" Stefan asked me. 

"He's a demon child." I said. "I think we brought the wrong kid from the hospital and the real Jason is a little angel who does what we tell him too and is 't obsessed with chocolate." 

"True." Stefan said. 

"Pretty girl will you take me home with you?" Jason asked the girl sitting next to him. 

She laughed and smiled. "Sorry but I think your mommy won't like that." She said. 

"Jason I'll give you more ice cream if you take their order." I whispered in his ear. 

He smiled. He put a professional face on. "Welcome to Dave's Burger Place what would yaw wike?" He asked the girl. 

"He works here." I told the girl. "He gets free food." 

"Well I would like a cheeseburger combo." The guy said. 

"Me too." The girl said. 

"Pawl two cheeseburger combos!" Jason yelled to the kitchen. 

"Okay kiddo!" Paul yelled back. 

"Yay!" Jason said. "I'm a really good worker! I'm employee of the month ever month!" He bragged to the guy and girl. 

"Cool dude!" The guy said. 

"I'm Abigail." I told the girl. "But people call me Abi. This is Jason and Stefan." I pointed to Stefan next to me. 

"I'm Nina and this is my brother Jace." She said. "We just moved in here." 

"Really?" I asked. "Where?" 

"House 127 in Dale Street." She said. 

"I live right across the street!" I said happily. 

"Abi we have a in coming." Stefan said. 

I turned and for sure saw Sarah walking over. 

"Hey Stefan!" She said. 

She had a really short pink skirt and white shirt that pressed her boobs together. Ew!!!! Gosh Sarah is such a slut. 

"Hey Abi." Sarah said my name like it was poison. 

"Sarah how about you turn around and walk back to your little pose made out of sluts." I said. "Which by the way makes you the head slut. It suets you." 

"Says the girl who is in her pajamas." Sarah says. 

"Your just jealous cause I look good without gallons of make up and in pajamas. I wake up like this." I said. 

Everyone in the restaurant was watching our little showdown. 

"You mean you look like the Grudge." She said. 

"No I mean I don't need those clothes your wearing to look good. I don't need to put all that make up you have on cause I have natural beauty." I said. "I don't need to dress like a woe or a slut to get guys." 

"At least I'm popular." She said. "Not like you who hangs out with those two losers Eleanor and Brittany (pronounced Brit-Annie)." 

"Actually she's friends with Kellan, Josh and Evan." Stefan said. "They are pretty popular so Abi is popular. If you haven't noticed your just popular for being the biggest slut." 

Sarah was shocked that he's actually spoken up and opened her mouth and closed it. She looked like a fish. She huffed and turned and yelled at her pose "Girls!" And walked out of the restaurant. 

"Oh my gods did you see her face!" I said. 

Stefan smirked. "When will you learn to just ignore people when they insult you." He said. 

"When they learn that I don't go down without a fight." I said. 

He laughed. 

"That was awesome!" 

I turned and saw Jace grinning. 

"This happens a lot between them." Stefan told him. "It's kinda entertaining." 

"Let me guess she's the school slut and thinks she can do and have anything she wants." Nina said. 

"Yep." I said. 

"I think me and you are gonna be great friends." Nina said. 

"Abi I wanna talk with Lou!" Jason said. 

"He busy eating carrots." I said. 

"We can eat carrots together!" Jason smiled. 

"Go wash your hand and I'll call him." I told him. 

Jason smiled and went to the kitchen. 

"Who's Lou?" Jace asked. 

"Umm....a friend." I said and dialed Louis. 

"Hello this is Carrots!!!" Louis answered. 

"Can you not scream." I said. 

"Sorry Abi!" He screamed and I heard people chuckling in the background. "So did you call to answer my question? Are you Abigail Blake gonna marry me!" He was screaming again and Jace and Nina and everyone else in the restaurant could hear him. 

"Sorry but I won't marry you." I said and heard they guys in the background laughing. "But Jason wants to talk to you about carrots." 

"Carrots!" Louis screamed. "By the way the carrots you sent me are delicious!" 

"I knew you would love em." I said. 

"Abi I wanna talk to Lou!" Jason said. 

I gave the phone to Jason. "Lou how many carrots can you eat in a hour?" Jason asked. "Weewy! That's a lot!" 

"So when's the wedding?" Stefan asked. 

"Shut up." I said. "I think he'll end up married to carrots instead. Obviously their meant for each other." 

Stefan laughed. "Abi I think you should go home and change." He said. 

"Okay." I said. 

"Why are you still in your pajamas?" Nina asked. 

"Oh I went to pick up my brother from his sleepover and I was to lazy to change so I went in my pajamas. Then when we were on our way home he decided to unbuckle himself and I turned around for a second to tell him to sit down and next thing I knew I had crashed into a tree." I said. "Stefan went and picked us up and now I don't have a car. My poor baby is in the hospital right now cause I crashed it." 

She laughed. "I can give you a ride if you wanna." Nina said. 

"Sure!" I said. 

I noticed Stefan and Jace having a conversation. It seemed like they were getting along. Me and Nina walked out and left Stefan and Jace talking meanwhile Jason followed us still on the phone with Louis. 

"We should have a carrot party!" Jason was saying. "We'll have carrot cake! Carrot cookies! Carrot juice! Carrot sandwiches! Carrot pizzas! Carrot sodas! Carrot piñata!" Jason kept naming off things. 

This day didn't turn out so bad. 

I met Nina and Jace. I had a show down with Sarah which by the way I had won. I got a marriage proposal from Louis. I got to talk with the guys. Not such a bad day beside crashing my car and getting a few bruises and cuts. Ha I just realized something! I walked around in pajamas all day today! 

We got into Nina's car and she drove off to my house. We started talking and found out we had a lot in common.

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