The other side of me

Its been a year since it has happened. I still can't control it. I mean, in the day I'm just your average 16 year old girl and then at night... i just... it drives me nuts!


3. Chapter 2

When Almac left Zayn went on a total rant "I can't believe he came here! I mean who does he think he is!!? He doesn't have the right to do be here after what he did-" he suddenly stopped talking. He started spazzing out. "oh god!" i say to myself. Whenever Zayn starts to spaz out it means that he's changing. He turns when he gets really really mad about something. like when dad left he turned full wolf, stormed out of the house, and ran into the woods. Didn't come back for 3 days. He never forgave himself for leaving me right after mom died and dad left. "Ok. Zayn clam down. Everything is going to be fine. You don't have to wo-" "SHUT UP ZABELLA!!" He says. I shut my mouth close. He started to scream and groan. Of course the time when i need to turn i don't. Thats just great. I go grab the 'spray'. The 'spray' is what we use when one of us is turning and about to hurt the other person. See, as werewolf's we have no control of what we do. We can kill a person with one bite of our poisonous fangs and the next morning we won't even remember we did it. I use my power of speed to run down to the basement, grab the spray, and come rushing back up. but before i know it I'm to late. He's gone.

A/N: This chapter is short but i wanted it to leave suspense for my readers. Hope you liked. Stay tuned

XoXo, Alyssa


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