The other side of me

Its been a year since it has happened. I still can't control it. I mean, in the day I'm just your average 16 year old girl and then at night... i just... it drives me nuts!


2. Chapter 1

"BELLA! BREAKFAST!!" I wake up to the two most annoying words i can think of, along with the words 'morning' and 'school'. Im sure I'm not the only 16 year old who hates those words too. I walk downstairs to see my brother wearing Abu's old cooking apron with only his boxers on and our mom's cooking cloves. Abu is our grandma who died in the accident with mom. When me and Zayn were young we couldn't pronounce 'Abuelita' so we called her 'Abu' instead. "Breakfast for the lovely miss. Zabella Malik?" He says in a british butler tone. " Go put on some pants moron!" I say. " HUH?!" He gasps and puts his hand over his heart. " I am hurt. I can't believe you said that." Oh MY GOD shut up." i say and push him playfully on his arm. "haha. Make me. So how did you sleep?" he asks me trying to change the subject. "good. Thanks for asking." When he asks me how i sleep he usually means if i had any nightmares again about that night. He gives me "the look". That look that you give someone when you know that they know what you really mean. "seriously?" he asks. "you know what I mean Bella." i sigh, " Ok! Fine. I had the dream again. ok! Is that what you wanted to know?!" He just sits there eating his eggs with his head down. "Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you. Its just I'm sick and tired of you always asking me that and never asking me just for asking me how i slept,  not trying to see if i had the dream or not." "Ok. Your right. Im sorry. So how did you really sleep?" "good. Besides the fact that i had the dream again!" i said. " Is it any different? Or is it the same one?" "Its the same one as it aways is."

In the middle of breakfast the doorbell rings. "I'll get it." i say. I open the door and see Almac. Almac is the leader of the 'pack'. We hate him. "ugh. what are you doing here?" I say in a snarky attitude hoping he will get a clue to life that i hate him.

  "Nice to see you to Zabella. May i come in?" I gesture him in obviously unhappy that he is here. " Hey Bella who is at the do-" He stops. " Why is he here?!"He says pointing at Almac. " Well thanks for the lovley welcoming you two!" Zayn pulls me toward him holding me tight in his arms. " I just came here to see if you guys are going hunting with us tonight? Its the first blue moon in over a century. A very important date for us as a family." "We are NOT your family!" Zayn yells. " Very well. If you change your mind you know where to find me." His eyes turn red as he leaves the door.

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