Love at first text


1. Best friend or boyfriend?

*Anna's POV*

You ever get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when you talk to someone that you really like? Well yeah I get that all the time with my best friend Brandon. He isn't just any normal friend or guy. He is my best guy friend. We Skype for hours and text 24/7. We were so close and told each other everything. He started to date one of my good friends Lauren and I was his go to girl. He would tell me how much he liked her and how she was gorgeous and would talk so highly if her. The only thing was that.. Well she treated him horribly. She would never reply to his sweet good morning text or she would read his texts but not reply. She was one of my best friends and she would say mean things here and there how like she was to good for him and he was lucky to have her and it took everything I had in me not to tell him. Then the day came when she told me she was gonna break up with him that night and I felt horrible because I knew he liked her so much and I couldn't do anything to keep him from getting hurt. It was weird the feelings I started to feel for him. I had never felt that way before about anyone really. He gave me butterflies and made me smile from ear to ear all the time. When the day came that they broke up.. It was a rough day for the both of us. He was saying how horrible she was to him and how he should have realized it sooner and it was all his fault. Then he would go on and on about how he just wanted a girl he could talk about anything with and be himself and talk all the time. I was just there listening to him describe his perfect girl and I was just listening to him thinking I can be the girl you want, but I know you would never feel the same because I'm not good enough.
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