The Legends

Mist Elvensword is a normal elf... until she takes on the quest of killing Sir Theotore, the badest villan in Fight. She must concur the secret king, the lands most wretched obstacles and Sir Theotore and his band. Will she suceed?!


1. Prologue

      Mist Elvensword was a shy elf that no one really knew. She liked to go into the forests and pick herbs, but she never enjoyed it like the others. She drempt about fighting wars, killing evil and riding off with a prince. Her dreams become reality in Fight, an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. On this island, everything Fansty comes true. Everything you can imagine comes true! So, join me friends. Experience the history of Fight and how Mist Elvensword became the Fight Hero! But, be warned. Though death may scare you, it happens. Now, here is the wonderful tale of Mist Elvensword! The Legends!

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