The Legends

Mist Elvensword is a normal elf... until she takes on the quest of killing Sir Theotore, the badest villan in Fight. She must concur the secret king, the lands most wretched obstacles and Sir Theotore and his band. Will she suceed?!


6. Part 5

  Mist looked under her door to see that no one was there. She saw nothing. Mist stood up and walked to the small opening. She pulled out her dagger and began to slowly shave off some ice around the hole.

  After a few minutes, she had a hole big enough for her to fit through.  She slid out to the open tundra.

  She reached back inside and got her pack. She strapped it on and sprinted away.


  Mist fell down. She looked up at the gray clouds above. She passed out.

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