The Legends

Mist Elvensword is a normal elf... until she takes on the quest of killing Sir Theotore, the badest villan in Fight. She must concur the secret king, the lands most wretched obstacles and Sir Theotore and his band. Will she suceed?!


5. Part 4

  Mist woke up.  She felt a large bump on her head.  She sighed. She felt the floor.  It  felt very different from snow.  She turned around to see the floor.  It was a ice, ice bricks.


  Behind her door she saw feet.  They stopped in front of her door.  The door eased open.  There stood a snowman with an ice spear.  On the snowman there was a insignia of a guard.


  Mist was taken out of her cell. She was led down a long corridor to a big ice room. In the center of the room there was a throne made if ice. On it sat a young man, skin tinting of blue.

  The guards shoved her to the throne. The young man snickered. Mist looked up.

  "Hello there pretty girl. I am King Griffin Snow." He motioned for the guards to go away. They nodded and took off. "In two days, my girl, you will be my lovely Queen."

  Mist stared in shock at him.

  "No, I refuse."

  King Snow looked as if he was about to burst.


  His yelling made the guards come in and take Mist away to her cell.

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