The Legends

Mist Elvensword is a normal elf... until she takes on the quest of killing Sir Theotore, the badest villan in Fight. She must concur the secret king, the lands most wretched obstacles and Sir Theotore and his band. Will she suceed?!


3. Part 2

  Mist traveled all night and the wee hours of the morning. She made it to Fight Castle.

  Once she went to the open cobble streets they flooded with many different people. Some big, some small. Some with strange odors, others with the sent of fresh berries.

  She trudged along, trying not to collide with an old man. She spotted a small motel, only a paces away. She sped to it, dodging a cart of watermelons.

  She burst open the door and dashed to the counter to get a room. The man over the counter lazily gave a key. Mist bounded to the room and flopped on the bed.



    Mist woke up in the fright. She turned over to see what was going on. What she saw scared he more than anything else in the world. Outside she saw fire, people screaming and falling to the ground and burning up in flames. Everything was chaos, it felt like the world was ending.


  Mist picked up her pack and burst through the doors. She dashed outside to the chaos.  In the distance she saw a black knight that was followed by a large group.  The knight in the lead, poked his long rapier at small children and old people. 


  Mist and was engulfed by fire.  She screamed as it got closer.  Then, a blue light came out of nowhere.  She was lifted off her feet. 



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