The Legends

Mist Elvensword is a normal elf... until she takes on the quest of killing Sir Theotore, the badest villan in Fight. She must concur the secret king, the lands most wretched obstacles and Sir Theotore and his band. Will she suceed?!


2. Part 1

  Mist Elvensword leaned back, trying to hear the news.

"Theotore be trying to get ol' Fight Castle in a matter of days. He be marching with his group right this moment."

  Mist stood up and walked out of the large hole in the side of the tree. She glance sideways before climbing up it.

  After a few minutes, she found herself up on a woven landing. She picked up a small leather pack and a dagger. She hopped from branch to branch. Not looking back.

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