Mixed Signals

Hailey Rilee and Grace have been best friends ever since they met in seventh grade. Now they are all seniors in high school and all in love with 1D. When Hailey wins front row seats and back stage passes, the girls think it can't get any better, but can it get worse?
no hate please its my first movella and feel free to make suggestions or ideas, Im open to anything!!


8. Paparazzi

Hes going to kiss me, I thought.

No he wont, he barely knows me.







I was snapped out of my mental argument when I heard an earpiercing scream to my left.

As I was turning my head, someone pushed me off the couch away from Harry.

"OW!" I yell, rubbing my forehead.

As I get back on my feet, Louis starts to yell at us.

"How dare you try and kiss one of my new BFF's!" he yells.

Harry's face starts to turn red, and I can feel my face start to heat up as well.

"Awww their blushing!" Danielle says, trying to hold back a giggle.

I blush harder.

Here's the thing about me, Im not your usual blusher.

I blush very easily, even at stupid the little comments and complements I receive.

Everybody starts to laugh even harder, and Harry and I just turn more crimson.

After everybody gets all of their laughs out of their system, we decide to go get pizza.

"I really like these guys," Rilee says as we open the boys dressing room door.

"Anyone in particular??" I reply, wiggling my eyebrows.

She doesn't say anything, but I am rewarded with a blush.

"She likes me!" Lou says, eavesdropping on our conversation.

"Its ok babe, after all I am a chick magnet." Louis continues.  "Kevin even told me so," he states, as if talking about fake birds were just part of everyday life.

On second thought, it probably was for Louis.

As soon as the sentence left his lips, I burst out into laughter.

Everybody turned and looked at me wierd, because they had not heard Louis latest remark.

I looked over at Rilee, and just laughed even harder.

She was looking down, trying to hide her growing blush.

I finish my laughing fit a few minutes later, and we continue down the corridor.

As we turn the corner and exit the building, we begin to hear screams and shouts outside the metal door we were coming towards.

"I forgot about them," Liam says quietly.

"How are we going to get through?" Niall states, looking out of the small window.

We all decide its best to just run through as fast as we can.

I didn't think it would be that bad, but boy was I wrong.

As soon as the security guards open the door, it was as if I had been sucked into a vacuum.

A vacuum with a thousand sreaming teenage girls inside.  

Girls were pulling and grabbing at the boys, on each others shoulders, just trying to get a glimpse of them.

As soon as we made it inside the limo, we all sighed in relief.

Being a celebrity wasn't at all what I thought it was.

At all.

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