Mixed Signals

Hailey Rilee and Grace have been best friends ever since they met in seventh grade. Now they are all seniors in high school and all in love with 1D. When Hailey wins front row seats and back stage passes, the girls think it can't get any better, but can it get worse?
no hate please its my first movella and feel free to make suggestions or ideas, Im open to anything!!


3. Face to face, eye to eye

Harry's POV

It was a madhouse.

People were rushing around everywhere, making sure everything was in place and ready to go.

I chuckled, these people are ridiculous, I muttered under my breath, as to assure no one would hear me.  

As someone adjusted my bowtie and another fixed my curls, I remembered the fans that I had to meet, no, get to meet after the show.

I had tried to follow Lou's advice and be cheerful for this show.

They had driven up to New York all the way from Los Angeles.

Be cheerful, be cheerful, I repeated, as I stepped onto the stage and into the sights of the screaming girls and blinding


Hailey's POV

As soon as I heard the guitar start to play, I knew that it was Little Things.

This was my favorite song in their album.

I could really relate to it, and it made me feel special.

The countdown had started, and the croud began to scream.

"3,2,1!!" the crowd shouted.

When the screan turned black, a single spotlight was put on someone as they were jogging up the steps.

As he stepped out onto the lights, my stomach dropped to my ankles.

It was Harry.

He was so darn gorgeous.

I wanted to die.

As Niall and Louis stepped out to join my hazza, Grace and Rilee were screaming as loud as a fire siren.

By the time all of the boys had joined up with the others onto the stage, when we were all screaming like fire sirens, we

quieted down when they began to sing.

**after the concert, backstage**

We had just handed the guard our passes, when we saw them bouncing off the stage.

"Play it cool guys," says Grace.

Both Rilee and I promise, but Grace however, breaks it instantly when they spot us.

"YOU GUYS DID SO GREAT!!" She screams.

Both Rilee and I laugh, and we are instantly engulfed in one of the warmest group hugs I have ever had.  

"So you guys must be the contest winners!" says Louis, winking at Rilee, who immediately blushes. 

Interesting, I think to myself.

Grace immediately saddles up to Niall, who seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

As Im looking around, someone's bright green sparkly eyes catch my attention.

"Im Hailey," I say.

"Hello Hailey," Harry says, his green eyes sparkling.

"I just want to say that Im a really big fan, your music can always make me smile," I say, blushing.

"Well thank you Hailey," he gives me a small genuine smile, then turns around and leaves me in the back with the rest of our little group, heading towards his dressing room.

"I'll be right back" Louis apologizes and excuses himself and rushes after Harry.

Was it something I said?

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