Mixed Signals

Hailey Rilee and Grace have been best friends ever since they met in seventh grade. Now they are all seniors in high school and all in love with 1D. When Hailey wins front row seats and back stage passes, the girls think it can't get any better, but can it get worse?
no hate please its my first movella and feel free to make suggestions or ideas, Im open to anything!!


7. Even The Small Things Can Fly

Haileys POV


"Where did you get that?" he stutters.

I look at the ground. I really didn't want to talk about it. "Umm…. just a friend" I get out.

He almost looks disappointed.

"Oh, ok," he says, and we move on to a different, less tender topic.


I had really warmed up to Harry after our akward little scene.

I was really worried that I had messed up my chance for friendship, but I thought wrong.

"Favorite band, other than one direction" Harry says, smirking.

"Hey, just because I got tickets to your concert doesn't mean your my favorite." I say.

Harry looks at me, giving me the, your-a-terrible-liar look, and I raise my hands up in defeat.

"Alright alright, you guys are my favorite,"  I say.

"AHA!!!! I KNEW IT!!" Louis says as he and Rilee jump out from behind the couch.

"AHHHHH!!" Harry and I scream, grabbing onto each other.

Louis jumps from his hiding place and onto both Harry and I.

Harry and I are squished next to each other, with Louis on top of us.

As I turn around at the same time Harry does.

Our faces our inches apart, and his eyes flick toward my lips.



**Kay i know what your thinkin, they barely know each other!!!! just chill curlifries, its gonna work!! and sorry for like the one page chapter but i had to get this up :) loves ;)

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