Mixed Signals

Hailey Rilee and Grace have been best friends ever since they met in seventh grade. Now they are all seniors in high school and all in love with 1D. When Hailey wins front row seats and back stage passes, the girls think it can't get any better, but can it get worse?
no hate please its my first movella and feel free to make suggestions or ideas, Im open to anything!!


5. Deja vu

Harrys POV

She looked exactly like her. That silky deep brown hair I used to stroke so often, those brown eyes I trusted, even that half-smile. 


"Nikki your gonna kill us!" I screamed as my sister swerved the van. She always loved to torment me, she knew I was a big wus. "Get over yourself Haz," Nikki said as we pulled up to Mcdonalds.

"Order whatever you want, lunch is on me," I said as we entered the building. "Oh Haz, you sure know how to treat a lady," She winks at me, dodging an oncoming toddler, racing to get the ice cream cone his mother was holding towards him.

**after lunch**

"I am stuffed!" I exclaim as I polish off the last of my Big Mac. "I couldn't tell, really?" Nikki said sarcastically as we head towards the door.

 "I'm serious!" I exclaim as I walk out, holding the door open for her. "Are you sure your okay with taking the car by yourself?" I ask for the hundredth time, worry outlining my face. "I'm gonna be fine Haz, I turned sixteen almost a year and a half ago."

"I know that, I just worry about my baby sis," I say as we make our way towards the car. I say goodbye as she pulls out of the parking lot, the paper airplane pendant I gave her for her sixteenth birthday reflecting off of her chest.

 It was originally mine, but she was always trying to take from me. I said if she got her license then she could have it. I thought I had a pretty solid bet, but she pulled through and I had to give it up. I don't know what I would do without her.

It was almost an hour long walk to Louis, but I needed the exercise. As I walked through the front door, I am bombarded with hugs and sympathetic faces. "So sorry man, I know you two were close," Liam said. "What are you talking about?!" I exclaim

. "Nikki, have you gone to see her yet?" They can tell I still don't know whats going on, so they literally shove me into Nialls car. "Where are we going?" I ask. None of the boys respond, but all show the same features. Sadnees and sypathy cloud their eyes, depression guide their bodies.

Zayns ears perk up, then he slowly rides down from his short high. I watch his arm as he turns the radio up,the radio announcer in the midst of a car crash update.

As I slowly come to terms with what he is saying, I tell Niall to go faster. When we arrive at the hosptial, I am already bursting open the doors as the boys are getting out. I push past nurses, elbowing doctors, until I am standing in front of my baby sisters hopstital room. 

**End of flashback**

Hey my curlifries!! I am so flippin excited about this chapter!! $WaGmAsTA FrOm DonCAst@ is too!! I promise I will update as soon as I can, but until then, keep on fangirling!! (ps I would really appreciate it if you commented on what you think, I love feedback!! (:

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