Mixed Signals

Hailey Rilee and Grace have been best friends ever since they met in seventh grade. Now they are all seniors in high school and all in love with 1D. When Hailey wins front row seats and back stage passes, the girls think it can't get any better, but can it get worse?
no hate please its my first movella and feel free to make suggestions or ideas, Im open to anything!!


6. Change of Heart

Harrys POV 

As I reenter the room with the boys and Hailey and her friends, Louis spots me and and jumps up.

"Hazza!" He  exclaims. "Where were ya man?" He gives me a look that I have seen many times in front of fans.

"Oh, just using the loo" I say.

"Number one or number two?" He asks.

"Louis! You don't ask people that kind of question!" I exclaim, my face turning red.

"Well I do!!" He says happily, slinging his arm around Rilee as he sits down.

As I take a closer look around the room, I notice that Zayn has his arm slung around Perries waist, and Liam is holding hands with Danielle.

Niall is on the loveseat with Grace, and Louis has his arm around Rilee's shoulders. Everybody is making small talk in their little groups.

I notice Hailey sitting off to the side, pretending to be really interested in the cushion of the couch she is perched on.

A wave of guilt hits me, and I realize how much I could have hurt or offended her.

As I make my way towards her, my palms become sweaty. She really was beautiful.

I sit down beside her, the cushion sinking underneath my weight. 

When she turns around and faces me, her face is a mixture of shock and embarrassment.

That face was enough to break eye contact. I had to fix this.


Haileys POV

I turn around, snapping out of my haze, and there he is.

I try not to stare, but he was just to adorable. He was playing with his hands and he looked really nervous.

"Im sorry," I blurt. He looks taken aback.

When he looks at me, those piercing green eyes lock with mine.

He opens his mouth, but closes it again, his eyes traveling down to my chest.

At first I was offended that he was just staring at me like that, but then I noticed what he was looking at.

My paper airplane pendant.


ooooooohhhh whats gonna happen!! I know i have a lot to write on this book but i would love to start a new one, so comment me some ideas!! (btw they dont have to be 1D related (: )

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