Is this a dream?


1. Same routine

" Hi my name is Evelyn, and I'm your biggest fan." I thought to myself. No, that doesn't sound right. Finally, after being a directioner for a year and a half, I bought tickets to a meet and greet, and concert tickets. Of course I'm not front row, but, 23 isn't bad either. Honestly as long as I see them, my life will be complete. For the past year all I do is think about One Direction, I even pretend I'm dating Harry. Sometimes, I switch to Liam, and then, all the other boys. The only reason I even go to school is so that when I meet the boys, I might actually start a good conversation, of course learning about Ancient Greeks and inequalities isn't going to get me to 1D, but hey, it's part of my everyday life. Sometimes I think, when I meet them, I'll pretend I'm not even that big of a fan. I'll need duct tape to pull that off... The only problem is, I'm 14, almost 15, would they ever want a girl so young?! Doesn't matter, I just wanna be friends with them. Believe it or not but I actually fell in love when I was 10 years old, I know, it's crazy. I loved him more than anything, I failed my class because of him, we used to talk until 3 in the morning, he would tell me everything a girl wants to hear. That was until he started to like my best friend. He became everything he said he wouldn't be. My years of joy became tears of heartbreak. I was depressed for two years and the only thing that made me happy were these five idiots in a band called "One Direction". In my own fan fiction, the boys and me are best friends. It's hard to even realize that they don't know anything about me. Well there goes another hour watching the boys on YouTube. Time for bed, but what if I miss a twitcam?! "You've got to be kidding me!" I scream as I'm rudely woken up. I was just having the best dream. My and the boys were on top of a farris wheel, and we got stuck. It was freezing cold, and guess who gave me their jacket?! Nialler!! I'm bawling, what if that actually happens one day?! Wait, I remember that FB picture that said if you dream of someone, that means they miss you. I never believed that, but OMG, did 1D read my tumblr posts?! Did they see my tweets? I have to go check their tweets now. Yes! Not a single twitcam was missed that night! Well, time to go to school and be tortured by all the people making fun of me. Great. Why can't I just be that girl that one the "Golden Ticket" and then I could have nicely kidnapped, and married One Direction. Is that too much to ask for?!

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