I Finally Found Her!

Hi I'm Harry Styles, I'm 18 and I'm a flirt:) One day I want to meet a girl that will love me for me not Harry Styles from One Direction. Then one day I found the girl I was looking for and she changed my life forever.


1. The Start of My Love

Harry's POV:

  To everyone else it was just a normal concert, but to this concert changed my life forever. We were performing in Dallas, Texas and we were on stage singing ''Little Things". I looked at the people on the front row when this girl caught my eye. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and was medium weight. After the song I ran backstage and told Paul to go get her and bring her backstage. Shortly after that there she was right in front of me. "Hi love," I said. "Hi I'm Mary." "I'm glad I got to meet you. I saw you in the crowd and I just had to meet you. You're beautiful." "Well thank you!" Her country accent was quite cute. "Well you can go and sit in there untill the concert is over if you would like." "Ok, that would be great." "See you after the concert love!" I then kissed her cheek and went back to the stage. Mary's POV: When I walked walked in the room I saw four other girls sitting in there. "Uh oh, Harry must've found him a girl." a blonde girl said. "Yep oh Hazza he picked a pretty one this time!" said another blonde girl said who looked exactly like the other blonde one. Then I look over and see two other brown headed girls. One of them said, "Hi I'm Kayla, I'm Liam's girlfriend." Then the other brownheaded girl said,"Hi I'm Ansley, I'm Zayn's girlfriend." Then one of the blonde girls spoke up,"Hi I'm Lacey, I'm Niall's girlfriend." Then the other blonde said,"Hi I'm Haley, I'M Louis's girlfriend and also Lacey's twin sister." Thn I replied,"Hi I'm Mary nice to meet you all and I'm not gonna say I'm Harry's girlfriend because he hasn't really asked me yet." "Girl trust me, Harry will ask you because usually Harry doesn't just get a girl out of the crowd and tell her she's beautiful." Kayla said. "Wow so I guess Harry does fancy me." "Duh girl!" Harry's POV: The concert finally ended and I went in the room and Kayla was the only person in there. "Where's Mary?" I asked. "She left." "What?! That was the girl she was the one and you just let her leave?!" "Harry you only know her name how can you possibly know that she's the one?" "Because Kayla when I saw her it's like my future flashed before me I saw her in a wedding gown, her holding a baby, I mean I've looked at a lot of pretty girls in my life, but I've never seen my future with any of them." "Wow Harry that was really sweet, but you should know I was only kidding she went to the bathroom." "Kayla I am so gonna get you back you just wait." Just then Mary walked in. "Hi!" she said, man she looked gorgeous. "Hello love! I missed you while I was singing because I didn't see your face on the front row anymore." "Aw, I missed you too." "By the way who did you come with tonight?" "I came with my aunt I live with her and my uncle because my parents are always on business trips so my aunt and uncle are my guardians." "Oh I see, well did you tell them where you would be?" "Yeah I told them I was with you." "Oh okay, well would you like to stay at my place tonight?" "Sure." Then we said our goodbyes to Kayla and Liam and were on our way to my flat.

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