Good Intentions, Bad Actions

Shae aged 16 has been living with her single mum since she was 12, after her dad passed away because of a severe case of lukemia. Shae and her mum Abby are really close and nothing can seperate them, Shae tells her everything that goes on in her social life, Shae and her best friends Hayley and Mikayla had been staying at Hayleys parents holiday homes but when shae returns things are very very different...her mum had good intentions but they soon became bad actions. Shae goes out one day and bumps into the Harry Styles and they start to talk, he takes her home for lunch and they become close, Shae gets introduced to One Direction and One Direction gets introduced to Shae and her friends. They soon become 8 bestfriends that are very close, but will one of the girls tell Harry shaes story... what will happen if he finds out?


1. Intro, ride back

*Character: Shae,Tanned medium height. Brown wavy hair finishes at the mid waist, normal wieght and big brown eyes, loves netball, loves school, smart student, loves dnacing and singing.*

Shaes P.O.V

It was a chilly summer night and me and my two bestfriends mikayla and hayley were driving back from hayleys parents holiday home, which we had been staying in for 2 weeks. I could'nt wait to go back home and see my mum! We had been texing the whole 2 weeks, but to tell you the truth i was feeling a little bit anxious about going home.. in the last week of the holiday my mum had been sending me short texts that felt a little but forced but in the 1st week she had been sending me long texts full of love. Ohwell i guess i'll find out soon, my thoughts were interupted by mikayla saying "shaaaezyy! why are you so quiet?!" I replied back with a chuckle and a little shrug of my shoulders...


*Character: Mikayla, Tanned Tall, Brown just past the soulder straight hair, normal wieght, green eyes, dark eyelashes, loves netball and basketball, likes school, very smart.*

Mikaylas P.O.V

It was a wierd ride back, normall shae would be singing along to the radio and dancing away with me and hayley but this time it was just m and hayley, i knew something was up but when i asked her  "shaaaezyy! why are you so quiet?!" and she just chuckled and shrigged her sholders i knew she was thinking about something serious.


*Character: Hayley, Tanned blonde hair just past shoulders, bluey green eyes, loves netball, singing and dancing, very smart, likes school.*

Hayleys P.O.V

Mikayla looked at me with concern in her eyes as she finished asking shae if she was ok, but shae didnt reply with much like she usually did i looked back at mikayla with what i thought was concern fulled eyes, but i wouldnt know, maybe it was something to do with home? We will probably find out tomorow.


Shaes P.O.V

The car pulled into my drive and i loked up at the big cream house, i said bye to Mikki and Hayley and said thanks to Hayleys parents then walked up to the door and knocked, i rally wanted to know why my mum had been acting all weird over the phone. The door opened and immediatley all my questions and theories got answered. Anger started to fill in my heart and my head i ran past my mum and the random scody guy up to my room and locked my door. I ran over to my bad and dropped my bags on the ground then collasped, my heart was hurting bad. Stupid mum! She had said she would never replace dad, she had said that dad was the only one for her, she had said that he would always be the one and only guy in hyer heart, she had said that she would never ever marry another guy but yet she opens the door and shoves her ring finger right in my face which just happens to be covered with a cheap looking silver engagement ring.

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