They Don't Know About Us

Alexanderia Danielle Macoy, Lexi for short. Just a normal, 16 year old teen, searching for something great in life. She decided to try out for the XFactor, being very fond of singing and all. She hoped to go far and become huge! What she wasn't expecting was to fall head-over heals for a guy she wasn't sure about. Little did she know, her life would change in an instant. One because of her amazing voice and two, because the guy she smitten with, is famous....


6. What Happens Before a Show

I shot back from remembering my fatal expirence. That part of my life was just unbearable, I hate going back and remembering it.

I continued walking, and listening to my music  as I looked at my watch. It read, 4:13. I still have 2 hours until I need to go back and start getting ready for the show. I decided to swing by the Star Bucks for a little while and grab a iced coffee.

I spent a good hour or so there, just having Me Time. Listening to music, thinking about the upcoming show. I also thought about my whole life in general. Yea, I know its stupid, but sometimes you just have to take a minute and reflect back on all that you have done and accomplished so far in your lifetime.

It was now 5:46, and I decided to head back to my room and get ready. All I had to do was change into my outfit, I would get my make-up and hair done proffesionally backstage.

I got back to my room, and threw my suitcase open. I wanted to be myself, but also look sophisticated. I chose one of my dresses. Its black on top, to my waist, then from there is light blue. The bottom flows when i walk, the front higher than the back. I matched it with a pair of cute, black high heels. I headed off the get my hair and make-up done, ipod and beats still in hand.

When I arrived, a lot of the contests had already arrived, getting prepped for the show. I found my seat, and my stylist came over to help. I told her how I wanted my hair, but trusted her with anyway for my make-up. She quickly styled me long blonde hair into beautiful bouncy curls, and braides pinned back over my forehead. Then she moved to my make-up, and I was able to put my headphones on and listen to my music.

I decided to sing Impossible by Shontelle. Yes, its a challenging song, but it sounds amazing with my voice, not to brag or anything. I had the song on constant replay, trying to focus on the lyrics, even though I already had them memorized. Casey, my stylist, finished brushing on my eyeshadow, and held a mirror up so I could see my reflection. I looked stunning. Even I was speechless. She did my make-up in such a unique way, that it works. My cheeks are rosy, and my eyes have a shadow effect going on. It was lighter on the eye lid, and darker going up, giving it a smokey effect. And my lips were a cute shade of pink, with a little flare of sass. I look like a superstar already.

I gave Casey a big hug, and thanked her for helping me look amazing for my first live show. Then I just walked around, calming my nerves and killing time before the show.

I have my beats on, going over and over the lyrics with my eyes closed, focusing. All I could do was focus on the lyrics. I had to nail this. I need to show the judges I can do this. I was so focused I had no idea I was walking. I seem to wander when Im not paying attention to anything but one thing, so i had no idea.

Just as I was starting to feel confident and all my nerves were being put aside, I opened my eyes, and saw a figure right in front of me. Before i could react, I bumped into it (not knowing what it was) tripped on my heels, and was on the floor in an instant. I tryed to stand up, but my ankle wouldnt allow me. I fluttered my eyes open, and everything was fuzzy. All I saw was a tall, dark figure kneeling in front of me. I couldnt do anything but hold me ankle and head. Im such a clutz! I thought oto myself. I couldnt find anywords.

Then I heard, "Are you okay? Need a hand, love?" In a thick irish accent.

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