They Don't Know About Us

Alexanderia Danielle Macoy, Lexi for short. Just a normal, 16 year old teen, searching for something great in life. She decided to try out for the XFactor, being very fond of singing and all. She hoped to go far and become huge! What she wasn't expecting was to fall head-over heals for a guy she wasn't sure about. Little did she know, her life would change in an instant. One because of her amazing voice and two, because the guy she smitten with, is famous....


2. This is Real

"Lexi, wake up!! C'mon! Your going to miss your flight!" Jessi snapped while shaking me out of my sleep. Only a small groan escaped my lips.

"I'm tired..." I said with a groggy tone.

"It's your big day though! C'mon get up, get dressed we have to get you to the airport!" Jessi stated.

With that I rolled out of bed, grabbed my outfit of the day, and headed to the bathroom. I quickly changed into my comfy jeans, a graphic tee and a cardigan. I brushed on a touch of make-up, and pulled my hair up into a messy, but stylish bun.

I stepped out, to find Jessi ready to go, sitting on her bed on her phone. I semi-straightened my half of the room, and grabbed my bags.

"Ready? We gotta head out." I said, making Jessi jump a little.

"WHAT?! Oh...yea haha lets go!" She grabbed the car keys and helped me with one of my bags.

"Its gonna be a lot different not havin'' you around for a while." Jessi sighed.

"Same here! But we can always FaceTime, call and text!" I replied reassuringly.

"Very true! But I'll still miss ya!"

"I'll miss ya too, chica!"

Jessi giggled a little bit, and pulled into the airport. She parked the car, and we both hopped out. I pulled my bags out, and piled them together. This was it, last time I would be here for a while. I saw tears well up in Jessi's eyes, and I felt some as well. I pulled her closer and engulfed her in a big hug.

"I'm really gonna miss ya girly." I said trying to keep my voice smooth.

"Me too" She replied through her tears.

"Just take care of yourself, and don't hurt yourself!"

"What are you talking about, Queen clumsy!"

We both laughed and wiped our eyes. We said goodbye one more time, and I began walking into the airport. I recieved my ticket that X-Factor was paying for, First Class! This is going to be exciting!

I finally boarded the plane, and took the window seat. I saw a lot of others who were at the auditions the previous day, and started a small conversation with a few girls in my row. We chatted for a little bit, then I decided to take a nap to be extra rested for Bootcamp. Knowing I would be working my butt off for this competion. I plugged in my ipod, and closed my eyes, slowly drifting asleep.

I woke up the sound of the piolet talking over the intercom.

"We will be landing in 5 minutes. Please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts."

I sat up, and rubbed my eyes. That was faster than I expected.

We were back on the ground before I knew it. The doors had opened, and we were free to get off. I found my luggage, and waited with the others for the bus to Bootcamp.

When the bus came, everyone crowded inside, and took thereseats. The building wasn't very far, so we were only on the bus for about 30 minutes. I saw the building, and the banner saying 'Welcome contestants!' and it all became real. I finally understood what was happening and what I was here for.

The bus dropped us off, and I began walking up the stairs to go inside. They allowed us to drop off our luggage in our hotel rooms, just next to the nuilding before taking us on a quick tour of where everything was and what was going to go down.

Everything was quite easy to remember. Don't be late, work hard, do this and that. My stomach kept tugging with nervousness, as we headed to the stage. Everyone gathered 'round, and took a seat. Simon began to speak.

"Your journey starts here. This is where it all starts, from here  until the end of this, you will be working your hardest to stay. You will be exshuasted and will want to leave, but this makes your dream. Lets begin."

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