They Don't Know About Us

Alexanderia Danielle Macoy, Lexi for short. Just a normal, 16 year old teen, searching for something great in life. She decided to try out for the XFactor, being very fond of singing and all. She hoped to go far and become huge! What she wasn't expecting was to fall head-over heals for a guy she wasn't sure about. Little did she know, her life would change in an instant. One because of her amazing voice and two, because the guy she smitten with, is famous....


7. Show Time

I looked up, finding a person kneeling in front of me. My vision was still a bit blurry from knocking my head, and my ankle is throbbing.

My vision finally cleared, and a guy was in front of me. He looked as if he was waiting for an answer. I gave him a puzzled look, then he repeated, "Need a hand, love?"

He seemed pretty friendly, so i decided to go with it. I was very cautious about guys, as you know, so this was a pretty big deal.

"That would be nice." I replied. He extended his hand, i hesitated, but finally took it. I slowly pulled myself up, being cautious of my ankle, and holding my head. The boy had a concerned look on his face as he held me up.

"You know, you have a pretty firm shoulder." I joked, trying to ease the awkwardness. He only smiled and gave a small chuckle. I studied him for a minute, taking in his features.

He has sandy blonde hair, well the best way to describe it anyway. Its darker around his neck and ears, and lighter going up from there, a few brown streaks scattered about. It was spiked up into a nice, yet messy quiff. He had a very firm facial features as well. From his jawline to his, have to admit, cute chin. He had a cute nose too. Wow what am I saying? I don't even know this guy.... Then his eyes. His eyes are beautiful. They are crysal blue, just like mine. They looked so bright and stunning, but the look in them was a completely different story. They looked like they have seen so many terrible things. There was almost a cold look to them. Even though he wore a smile, his eyes told  me it was forced. They also had an angry effect to them. I don't really know what to expect. I started to feel a little uncomfortable.

"So need any help with that ankle?" He asked with a more firm voice.

"No, i think its good. Im a clutz anyway." I gave him a forced smile, wanted to leave cause I didn't know what would happen next.

He didnt seem like he was mean or anything, he just had a very intimidating feature, even though he was so nice for helping. I don't really know how to explain it.

He gave me a nod then spoke, "So are you a contestant on the show... or...?"

"Yeah, this is my first live show"

Something about him was begining to look familiar, like I've seen him before.

"Well I best be going, I should be going on in a few minutes." I said giving him a small smile. "And I didn't quite catch your name."

"Niall" He said with a smile and extended his hand.

"Well thanks for the help, Niall" I shook his hand, giggling a bit. I started to turn away, but he spoke.

"And yours?"

"Oh its Lexi"

"Then in that case, no problem Lexi." And with that he turned around and walked in the other direction.

What the bloody hell just happened? I thought to myself as i half limped backstage.

I showed up just in time, Im up next. I took a deep breath and grabbed my microphone. They had personalized it for my since I made it to the live shows. Its purple with sparkly teal zebra print. Im not much of a girly girl but this I loved.

They cued me on, and I walked out. The seats were all filled, cameras flashed. The four judges sat in front of me.

"Well hello there Lexi! Can't wait to here what you'll be singing for us tonight." Brittany said with a smile. I smiled back and nodded to start the music.

I remember years ago

someone told me I should take

caution when it comes to love, i did....

I began to sing, I put everything into the song and hoped it would be enough.

I finished, said thanks then exited the stage with everyone clapping.

Well that went well......

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