They Don't Know About Us

Alexanderia Danielle Macoy, Lexi for short. Just a normal, 16 year old teen, searching for something great in life. She decided to try out for the XFactor, being very fond of singing and all. She hoped to go far and become huge! What she wasn't expecting was to fall head-over heals for a guy she wasn't sure about. Little did she know, her life would change in an instant. One because of her amazing voice and two, because the guy she smitten with, is famous....


4. It Really Begins

~1 Month later~ 

I turned off my alarm that was annoyingly waking me up for another exhausting, but fun and exciting day.

Things have gone great! I got put through to the Judges house, and yesturday I sang there, and got through to the live shows! My dream is slowly starting to fall in place. Its so exilerating! Today we had rehersals before tonights first live show.

I slipped out from my warm blanket, and climbed down the ladder, since I got the top bunk, and walked over to my overflowing suitcase.

Whoa, being here has made me really untidy! I thought to myself as I shoved my clothes around before finding an outfit. I pulled out a pink silk top, white short shorts, my jean jacket and a cute, yet funky belt. Of corse I threw on a pair of high-top converse, my all-time favorite shoe, to tie it all together. Yes, I have a very intersesting sense of style, but I like it, and I don't really give a hoot what anyone else thinks. It's not like I came here to impress anyone anyways.

I then walk to the bathroom, toiletry bag in hand. I styled my hair with loose curls, making my blonde hair cute, and bouncy. I then applied some eyeliner and masscara that really highlighted my bright blue eyes. I'm not very fond of make-up, but I love what it can do to make my eyes pop. With a little touch of light pink lip gloss, I headed back to the room, and dropped off my bag.

Alex, Leslie and Kiera, my room mates, are finally up and getting ready for the crazy day as well.

My sudden burst through the door made them squel and cover themselves with their blankets, because they are getting changed and all. 

"Lexi! Thats not cool!" Leslie spoke in her cute accent.

"There is such thing as knocking you know." Alex complied.

"I didn't know I need to knock in order to get into my own room!" I cheekily replied.

They all continued to put out girly remarks; I just rolled my eyes and laughed about the whole situation.

I stepped up to my bed, and pulled my phone off the charger. The blue light blinked in the corner, indicating I had unread messages. I unlocked it and scrolled to the messages. There from Jessi.

Jessi: Hey girly! haven't heard from you in a while!

Jessi: Best of luck! Can't wait to see you on TV tonight!

A grin spread across my face as I read her texts. I haven't been able to talk to her in so long, and its so sweet of her to text. I miss her so much, she like my sister.

I have 5 minutes before I have to head to rehersal, so I decided to call Jessi.

"Hello? Lexi!"

"Hey Jess! Haven't talked to you in ages!"

"I know girl! How have you been getting on? Everything going ok?"

"Yeah! Everything is awesome here, you?"

"Same here! Just miss having my crazy room mate around is all"

"Awe miss ya too Jessi"


"Well I've got to head  to rehersal, Ill try to call you after!"

"Ok, talk to you soon Lex. Good luck!"

With that, I hang up my phone, shove it in my back pocket, and head to rehersal.

~Later That Day~

"Great job Lexi, I think you are going to do just fine tonight!" Simmon said after I rehersed my song I planned for tonights show.

I was the last to reherse, so they joined everyone up on stage to talk to us.

"Well, as your all aware, tonight is our first live show of the season!" Simmon said with a smile. Everyone clapped and yelled with excitment.

"Also, we have a little surprise...." He said with a smirk.

Everyone started murmering to eachother with excitment. What is it? What's he talking about? Wonder what's the surprise? Was all that could be heard for a few good minutes. Them Simmon cleared his throat, and everyone quieted down.

"For our first show of this season, the boy band One Direction has decided to make an appearence tonight."

A few girls screamed, and voices exploded with excitment. I just sat there, listening to the younger girls having a fit. Some looked like they were on the verge of tears. I just rolled my eyes, some of these girls were so ridiculous. I mean I don't have a problem with One Direction. I don't hate on them or anything its just....

How can someone love people so much, even though they dont know they exitist? 


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