One Shots

This is a collection of all my requested one shots and one shots that go along with my stories:) I do not limit my requested to just One Direction, I will write one shots with random guys you find in the street if you want that:)


4. Reunited



Reunited(Niall Horan) 

One Shot: Ryley  

"Why are you so nervous?" My friend Courtney asked as I drove down the road to the small lake that laid only about fifteen minutes from my house. 

"I haven't seen him in over a year, what if he changed?" I asked while keeping my eyes on the road so I wouldn't kill either one of us. It had been a year and seven months since I last saw Niall, my best friend or at least that's what we officially are. I had always had this major crush on him, but after he disappeared to go on tour with his band, we had lost touched and he found himself a loving girlfriend. Well, that's what I last heard when I properly spoke with him over a month ago. I stayed away from the media since it was a bit painful seeing your best friend so happy without you. 

"He's travelled around the world with screaming fans at his feet, I honestly hope you weren't expecting him to be the same timid Niall that left all that time ago." Courtney mused before pointing towards the entrance of the lake that looked full of different cars and children running around. There was a playground near by seeing that this lake was one of those lakes that were craved into the ground not made by nature.

"I know he's changed, but-" I started but Courtney cut me off with her reasoning. 

"Look Ryley, he's gonna be different, but there is nothing we can do about it. I really doubt he hates you or something if he has been texting you for the last few days about finally seeing you." She says before opening the door to my crappy old car and getting out. "Come on, he's gonna be waiting for us." I grab my purse that I had placed in the backseat, before pulling the keys out of the ignition and following Courtney to the docks at the lake where we were meeting Niall. I could see the docks from the parking lot, but I couldn't see the blonde boy who left all that time ago. 

"what if he forget and isn't coming?" I asked out loud as we got closer to the dock and saw that Niall was indeed nowhere to be found. 

"Stop being so paranoid." Courtney huffed before walking and sitting at the end of the dock. I couldn't help it though it was just that nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me that Niall honestly didn't care about any of his old friends and wasn't coming back. He was probably out in his fancy car with his super model girlfriend laughing at the fact we believed what he said. 

"Always so paranoid about nothing, you haven't changed at all Ryley." I heard a deep voice whisper in my ear scaring me as I turn around ready to have to defend myself. But the moment I turn around I see it isn't some random guy but the guy who I had been thinking would never show up. 

"Niall!" I shout and wrap my arms around him not even bother to stop and think about what I was doing. 

"Ryley!" He shouts right back before wrapping is arm tightly around me while lifting me off my feet and spinning me around. "God, I missed you." He whispers in my ear as we stand there still wrapped in each other's arms. 

"Missed you too, Ni." Courtney sarcastically points out while standing a few feet away from us. 

"Courtney!" He shouts placing me on my feet and going to go hug Courtney as well. Out of all of friends from when we were younger I had been the closest to him seeing we had all of our classes together for the five years that we had been friends. Courtney probably came in second place to closest to him, but she was always so busy with drama to hang around Niall as much as me. "So where are we off too?" Niall asked placing his arms around both mine and Courtney's shoulders. 

"We can head back to my house and play some Foosball?" Courtney suggested we walked over to my car that was sitting in the almost completely filled parking lot. 

"Sounds like a plan." Niall responded before walking over to his nice shiny car that made mine look even crappy then it already was. "I'll follow, you lead?" He asked before pulling out his keys. I nod my head before pulling out my keys and leading Courtney to my car. Once we are on the road Courtney breaks the silence that had settled in the car. 

"what if he forget?" She said mocking my earlier comment about Niall maybe forgetting that we were all hanging out today. 

"I might have been just a bit paranoid." I said laughing at her before placing my full attention back on the road. 

"Just a bit?" She said raising her eyebrows at my comment and I dismissed her teasing before finally pulling up into her driveway. Only her dad was home at the moment, but according to Courtney he was going to be leaving for a movie soon. 

"What are you guys doing back already? Don't tell me did Niall stand you guys up?" He asked as we walked into the house with Niall trailing behind us. 

"No, he's right here dad." Courtney said before kicking off her shoes and walking us into the game room that her rather large house had. After settling it was going to be me and Courtney against Niall and Courtney's dad we started our very shortly lived Foosball match. 

"What is that the third time we have beaten you guys?" Niall gloated as Courtney's dad said his final goodbyes before walking out of the house for his movie. 

"We're girls that doesn't make you all high and might, Niall." I replied before lightly pushing his as we walked to the kitchen where Courtney's dad has said he had left the Chinese takeout we had order about half an hour ago.  



"She was crazy!" Niall exclaimed as he told us the story when one of his fans in New York had walked up to him asking if she could lick his face. "She was like twelve and she was asking to lick my face!" He shouted as me and Courtney only laughed at his strange encounters with fans. 

"What did your girlfriend say about that?" I asked still somewhat out of breathe from his story. 

"Girlfriend?" He asked taking another bite of his orange chicken as we sat huddled around the island in the middle of the kitchen. 

"Yeah the last time we talked you said you had a girlfriend." I reminded him while taking a bit of my own food and mindlessly waving my fork around. 

"We broke up about two days after I told you that." He said chuckling for some odd reason. I look at him completely confused what was so funny about him breaking up with his girlfriend. "She was mental." He chuckled again allowing me to finally catch on to what he was saying. 

"You always attracted the crazy ones." I tease him before Courtney excused herself to go the bathroom leaving me and Niall reminiscing about his past girlfriends and how crazy they were. 

"The one in year 8 now she was completely insane, I remember she showed up at my birthday party screaming about you liking me and how it was all my fault." I laugh remembering that really hilarious moment and how no guy wanted to date her after seeing how clingy and insane she was. I stop laughing when I notice that Niall wasn't laughing along with me, but instead was only slowly pushing his food around his plate looking completely distracted. "Niall you okay?" I asked him hoping to find out what was wrong. 

"She had been telling the truth." He mumbled under his breath, leaving me completely stunned at his confession. 

"Be right back you guys I am going to go pick up some stuff for my mom I'll be back in about an hour, don't burn my house please." Courtney called from her front door before leaving with my car. We just sat in the kitchen not bother to break the awkward silence that had fallen around us since Niall confessed that his girlfriend from year 8 hadn't been lying. 

"Wanna go watch a movie?" I asked him trying to move on from his words, but honestly I wanted nothing more to ask him if he had been telling the truth. Since we were young I had always had this enormous crush on him, but like every other girl I was too scared to tell him in fear of destroying our friendship. 

"Ryley." He called after me as I walked down the hallway back into game room that also doubled as a the movie room since there was a tv hanging on the far right wall. 

"What movie do you want to watch?" I ask moving around avoiding Niall as I shuffled around trying to find the perfect movie. "The Hangover sounds really nice, but we could also watch the Avengers, or we can watch-" I was cut off by Niall turning me around and smashing his lips on mine. I drop the DVD cases that I held in my hands and slowly they moved around his hair. After a few minutes I started to feel my lungs start to burn from the lack of oxygen, but I didn't want to pull away and Niall clearly didn't want to either, but after other minute he pulled away. Leaving me completely breathless and with the my stomach turning out of the pure happiness. 

"You don't know how long it has been since I have wanted to do that." He says placing other kiss on my lips. 

"You just kissed me." I said trying to make sure that this wasn't one of those strange moments when I was standing there day dreaming about my life. 

"Yeah I did." Niall responded laughing at me before hovering his lips over me and whispering. "And I am about to do it again." He said closing the space between us not even allowing me to respond to him. 

"Ryl-seriously I leave for twenty minutes, my god!" Courtney shouts before covering her eyes and walking back out of the room. 

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