One Shots

This is a collection of all my requested one shots and one shots that go along with my stories:) I do not limit my requested to just One Direction, I will write one shots with random guys you find in the street if you want that:)


1. Requests?

So, I have only posted shot, haha..One One Shot! LOL! Sorry, gotta get back on track anyways...

If anyone has any requests I do take them just you know comment below or send me a message...
* And it doesn't have to be a One Direction! I can probably do any person in the whole world so you know your options aren't limited to just One Direction;D* 

You can send your request to: 

•On Wattpad @FallingForYou21

•On Movellas @ well...just commenting right below:) 

•Twitter: @FallingForYou21 


•Kik: @FallingForYou21 

• Email: 

...yeah just leave the following info: 


•Name of the boy: 

• Age


•How long you guys have been together:

•Your appearance: 

•If it's not a famous person, their appearance: 

• Hobbies: 

•Style (Clothing wise) : 

•Your personality: 

•The boy's personality: 

...and yeah, I doubt you can tweet me all that unless you send me like 11 different tweets. Haha! So send me some request so I can unbore myself:) and if I take a long time to write's probably because I am busy with school or with my almost non-existing social life. 




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