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This is a collection of all my requested one shots and one shots that go along with my stories:) I do not limit my requested to just One Direction, I will write one shots with random guys you find in the street if you want that:)


2. No More Hiding

Author's Note:  

I do take request for One Shots:)  


No More Hiding (Niall Horan)  

One Shot: Jenna Li   

"So who in the band is single?" The interviewer asked the boys as I sat in the audience just watching them along with Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie.  

"Liam, Louis, and me all have lovely girlfriends." Zayn said and looked my way where his and the other boys' girlfriends sat watching. I really didn't pay any attention to the other boys' stares only to the blonde, blue eyed one, who was looking straight at me. Niall James Horan, I guess you could call him my unofficial boyfriend? We were best friends, inseparable, until he went off on tour. Even though we Skype and texted all that time it wasn't the same as to having him with me all the time. We had met in a small cafe in London, where I was currently living at, while he was there visiting the other boys. It had all been an accident just one big accident.   


"Yeah, I am listening, no of course not!" I said arguing withy best friend over the phone as I silently thanked the cashier.  

"Jenna Li, do you not understand how important it is that we do good on this project! It's worth twenty percent of our company's income!" My best friend and co-worker exclaimed to me as I headed towards the exit of the cafe.  

"I understand, I am on my way-" I start, but get cut off with the blistering heat of my coffee that was now all over my white dress shirt. "Great, just great." I mumble as I try to find a napkin anywhere close by. I stop my search when suddenly one appear in front of me.   

"I am so sorry, for causing you to drop your coffee." A young man probably around the age of 18 apologized as I stared at him. He had the most vibrant blue colored eyes, that I had never seen before.  

"Jenna Li, are you still there?" My co-worker exclaimed so loudly that I could hear it, even though the phone was a good distance away from my ear.  

"Can I buy you other coffee?" The young man offers gesturing towards the cashier. I couldn't seem to make any words come out so I simply nod, before telling my co-worker I was running a bit late. She wasn't exactly very happy with the fact, I wasn't in the office yet, but she understood, that I need to go change and pick some things anyways. After she gave me a small list of things she needed as well, I sit down at one of the tables as the young man buys me other cup of coffee. "Two exactly like this one." He said while handing the half empty cup at to the barista. I look away from him to the busy streets of London, when soon the chair in front of me slide out, causing a slight screeching noise. "I am still terribly sorry for ruining your shirt." He said while handing me my coffee.   

"Accidents happen."!" I said and sent him a small smile to let him know everything was perfectly fine.    

"I am Niall, by the way." He introduced himself while sticking out his hand for me to shake.   

"Jenna Li." I said shaking his hand before looking down at my watch. "I need to go, have to go buy a new shirt and pick up some things I am sorry." I said grabbing my drink and standing up.  

"Let me come with you, I can pay for the new shirt, seeing that I ruined that one." He said while copying my actions and standing up.  

"No, it's fine really-" I start, but get cut off by Niall who insisted on buying me a new shirt. "You won't stop until I say yes, will you?" I asked while grabbing my bag and heading towards the exit with Niall right behind me.  

"Basically." He says stepping out with me and falling in step with my quick walking speed.   "Then I guess I have myself a new shopping buddy." I joked while calling over a taxi, so we could get to the store a lot quicker.  

~ End Of Flashback~  

The same boy, who wouldn't leave me alone until I allowed him to buy me a new, sat only a few feet away. The same boy, I had developed a small crush for after a few weeks of knowing him. The same boy who lied to me for months to protect me from the hatred of his fans.  


"Anything you want to say?" I asked Niall as I stood with my arms crossed in his kitchen. The latest editon of People magazine that I had bought in the airport in America sitting on the island that separated us.   "I'm in a band?" He stated before moving towards the fridge that was on his side of the island.  

"Really that's it 'I'm in a band.'?" I mimicked him as he grabbed a bottle of water out his fridge.  

"Jenna, what more what do you want me to say?" He says waving his hands around, which he only did if was at the edge of losing his patience.  

"How about explaining to me, why you lied to me about who you truly were?" I said while recrossing my arms across my chest.  

"To protect you!" He shouted before turning on his heel and heading towards his room. I quickly follow right behind him, not allowing him to get away with that answer.  

"Protect me? From what?" I shouted at I stomped up the stairs right after him.  

"THE FANS!" He screamed at me, losing all his patience with me entirely. "The fans, that would eventually drive you away! They can't stand anyone around us Jenna, much less girls like you!" He explained and I suddenly felt an wave of anger from his words.  

"Girls like me? Like me what! Am I too normal for you Niall, or maybe I am not pretty enough, or maybe it's the fact I'm not influential in your world. Or maybe-" Niall cuts me off by slamming his lips against mine. I stood frozen for a second, before figuring out what was going on and kissing him back. After a while Niall pulls away, leaving me breathlesss from his kiss.  

"Girl like you, who make me fall in love." He says before placing his lips more tenderly on mine.   

~End Flashback~  

It has been over two weeks since that kiss, and we hadn't even made anything official. We just two friends, who on occasion shared a kiss or two. Nothing really too big in his world, I knew that when it came time for him to answer he would say he was single.  

"What about you Harry? You have been seen around lately with Taylor Swift any truth behind the Haylor rumors?" The interviewer asked as I watched Harry almost cringe at the mention of the clingy, blonde's name.  

"No, we are only very good friends. I can assure you I am currently single." He said with an almost painful smile. Poor kid, had to be suffer through the pain of dating the Hollywood heartbreaker. Management had decided to set the two up, thinking that this would somehow united the Directioners with the Swifties or whatever their names are. But what they never anticipated was the overwhelming protectiveness the fans had over Harry.  

"What about you Niall?" The interviewer asked Niall, who had to lean a bit forward to be able to see the interviewer. "I know recently you have been seen with a young woman, named Jenna Li." The interviewer asked Niall.  

"No more hiding." Niall's voice says with a soft smile as he looked over in my direction. "I am currently single, but I am hoping on leaving the studio today in a relationship." Niall said while stare at me with the same ocean blue eyes that only about a year ago, made me dump my coffee all over myself.   

"What do you mean Niall?" The interviewer asked confused, while looking at his cards, before noticing that what Niall was doing was complete unscripted. He was going to go through hell with management after the interview if he does what I think he's going to do.  

"No more hiding Jenna. No more hiding the intense love we have for each other. So I was wondering if you would give me that honor of making you officially my girlfriend on national television?" He asked as my heart suddenly starts beating a million miles per second. His eyes locked on mine, making the other almost 1,000 pair of eyes disappear.  

"No pressure." Louis joked from besides Niall while looking at me. The audience along with me let out a laugh at the older boy.  

"Nope, no pressure at all. Because I already know the answer." I said pausing making everyone go silent as they wait for my answer. "I would be honored to be your girlfriend, Niall." I said to my now boyfriend as the audience starts clapping. Soon they start chanting 'kiss, kiss, kiss' over and over again, thanks to Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie who had started the chant. Me and Niall both stand up and meet halfway between my seat and his on stage. I felt all the cameras and people fade away, as his soft lips move along mine.  

"No more hiding then?" I mumble on his lips as they stop kissing me, but don't move.  

"Why would I hide such a beautiful woman from the world?" He says before closing whatever space there was between our lips once again.  


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