One Shots

This is a collection of all my requested one shots and one shots that go along with my stories:) I do not limit my requested to just One Direction, I will write one shots with random guys you find in the street if you want that:)


3. Missing

One Shots: 

Courtney's One Shot

Author's Note: this is my lovely best friend's one shot along with an entry for the one shot contest...yup! So like, comment, and erm favorite? I don't know.

~Courtney's POV~

"Harry..." I mumble with sleep still lacing my words as I open my eyes to see the spot in bed beside me completely empty. "Harold." I whine extending the syllables in his name hoping to grab his attention from where ever he was. "I can't believe I have to get up and look for him, why can't he be normal and just stay in bed til I wake up at," I pause my rant and look over at the clock on the dresser in the room. "At 1 in the afternoon." I trudge my way down the stairs only to be greeted with complete silence instead of the usual clanging of kitchen utensils as Harry made me breakfast. I walk into the kitchen excepting to at least see him seated by the island in the middle of kitchen, with a cup of tea. It was strange that he left without trace, he had just disappeared. I walk around the kitchen excepting to see a piece of paper with his fancy writing on it letting me know where he was, but I didn't find anything. I walk back up the stairs in search of my phone which hopefully had a message from Harry, but just let the kitchen it was completely empty. He had fallen asleep with me, I know he did, because I remember teasing him about all the tattoos inked on his body. The fans believed that they held no importance that each one was just a sign of rebellion against management. In reality though, each tattoo held a special memory or meaningful moment in his life.


So where had he disappeared to that was so important that he couldn't even leave a note on his whereabouts. I was walking down the stairs after finally getting changed when I reached the kitchen I notice that there was a huge bouquet of stunning red roses. I stare at the foreign flowers that I was pretty sure hadn't been there when I had first came down in my search for Harry. I walk over to them and pick up the index card sized card that came with each bouquet of flowers. I looked as I saw that it had Harry's messy yet elegant handwriting all over it.


To: Courtney(:


There are 26 flowers in this bouquet one for each of the months that we spent together. I just wanted you to remember that I love you and today since it's the day of love I intend on proving it to you. I am sending you on a quest each place you visit will hold a memory and a clue. Happy Valentine's Day.




Harry Xx.


I smile at the small paragraph that Harry had written before turning it over and seeing that it held the address to a place. I pull out my phone and look to see where this address leads to and I saw it lead to the local diner, that me and Harry sometimes eat at. I walk upstairs and throw on a pair of black flats and grab my peacoat out of the closet before heading back downstairs. As I look around my key I suddenly remember that I left my keys in Harry's coat when I didn't have anywhere to put them when we went out to dinner yesterday. Then I remember that my neighbor and very good friend Victoria usually doesn't work Thursdays. I grab my phone and the card with the address on it before running across the street to Victoria's house and banging on her door. I keep banging on the door hoping that if I was even more annoying and loud that eventually they would open the door. I was so busy knocking on the door that I hadn't even realized that Niall, Victoria's boyfriend had opened the door until my fist collided with his cheek.


"Well good morning to you too, Courtney." He said sarcastically, while rubbing the side of his face.


"Hush I need your girlfriend's car." I said while pushing past him and walking into their home. "VIC!" I scream as Niall follows right behind me.


"So first you punch me in the face and then you walk into my house looking for my girlfriend?" Niall mused behind me as I walked deeper into their home, when I find Victoria standing in the kitchen eating a plate of waffles.


"Hey Court," Victoria greets me as I walk into the kitchen with Niall trailing behind me. "Niall why is your cheek all red?" She asks taking notice of the red marks that my fist left.


"Courtney thought I was a door." He said while sending me a glare as Victoria only laughs at him. "I WAS INJURIED AND YOU LAUGH AT ME?" He shouts at her and Victoria only bits her bottom lip to keep herself from laughing.


"Did you need something Court or did you just walk over here to punch Niall?" Victoria asks while Niall glares at her. I stare at her as I try to remember what I had even walked over here for.


"Oh! Can I borrow your car?" I asked eyeing the keys to her black Dodge Charger sitting on the small hook on her wall.


"What's wrong with your car?" She asks taking a bite of her waffle while Niall stands behind her with his head on her shoulder.


"It doesn't have keys I need them to go on this 'quest' Harry is spending me on, but I don't have my keys." I explained as Victoria awed at my reason before nodding over to her keys.


"You get a scratch on it and I will personally kill you." She threatens before I nod and walk out, but before I walk out of the house I hear Victoria speak to Niall. "Why don't you send me on cute little quests like that?" She asked and laughed at her.


"You're too lazy to go on any kind of quest." He chuckled at her and that was the last thing I heard before I closed the door. I walk over to Victoria's garage and open it seeing the three cars that sat in her fairly large garage. There were both of Niall's cars that he rarely used, but completely cherished and then there was Victoria's sleek black car that Niall had bought her a few months back.


"Come to mama." I creepily said to Vic's car before unlocking it and stepping inside. I turn the car on and drive out in search of the theater that I hadn't been to in a little over two months. When I finally get there I walk over to the ticket booth where a blue card is placed on the window of the ticket booth. I peel it off the window and flip it around to see Harry's handwriting on it. 


To: Courtney(:


Yay! You were able to actually get to the theater in one piece. I want you to hopefully drive, since you left your keys in my coat -.- over to the place we shared our first diner together. 


-Harry Xx. 


I smile at the memory of the day we first shared a meal together out at the small diner in the outskirts of town. I stuff the small index card inside the pocket of my pea coat before jogging back to Victoria's car. After a short drive over to the diner, I notice that it is currently almost three in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything. When I finally get to the diner I jog out the car and into the diner. There was only a old couple that looked very familiar along with the usual waitress that is here each come I come to the diner. 


"Courtney! How are you sweetie?" She asks as I walk in removing my coat since it was a bit warm inside. 


"I am good and you Betty?" I ask taking a seat in the chairs that sit near the counter. This was one of those old school sixties diner and I think that's why both me and Harry love it. The diner has a old school sense to it and it just makes you feel transported back in time. 


"Good, where's lover boy?" She asked referring to Harry. I only shrug at her while she writes down my order and gives it to the chef in the back. "Dave!" Betty shouts at her husband who is the chef when he doesn't see her waving the order in front him. 


"Sorry, sugarplum." He joked before winking at his wife and getting started on my order. Whenever I looked at me and Harry growing old together, for some reason I alway imagined us together living a relationship like Betty and David. It just seemed so much like us now just so carefree and strange. I notice the old couple get up, but before they leave the older lady comes up to me handing me another index card. 


"Happy Valentine's Day, honey." She said before taking her husband's hand and walking out of the diner. As I replay the woman's word and voice I notice that she was the woman and and Harry ended up having a chat with once. She had told us that she could see the love we shared for each other along with the respect and care we have for each other. 


"Here you go Courtney, the usual a nice plate of fries, burger and then a milkshake to wash it all down." Betty laughs while placing my usual order in front of me. I sit down and eat the plate that had been put in front of me before, when I reach the end of the fries. I see the same blue notecard on it that had a piece of plastic over it protecting it from the grease of the food.


To: Courtney(:


I am guessing you ate lunch? Don’t worry I told Betty to charge it to my credit card so lunch is on me, babe. You’re next stop is back home in the driveway remember where we shared our first kiss?


-Harry Xx.


I smile at the memory of the day both me and Harry shared our first kiss together in my drive way. I smile over at Betty bidding my goodbye before grabbing my bag from beside me and heading out of the diner back home. As I drove home I notice that the sky had turned a bit cloudier than it was this morning and now looked like it was about to rain. I turn into the driveway were Harry’s black car sat completely empty. I park Victoria’s car next to mine before grabbing my keys and heading inside where Harry was nowhere to be seen. “Harry?” I called out before placing the keys in the key bowl in the front door and slipping out of my navy almost black peacoat leaving me in only my cream sweatshirt with the British flag on it and a pair of black skinny jeans. “Harold?” I called out again, before my back pocket buzzed letting me know I had received a text message.

From: HazzaBear:

Getting colder…;)



The text message said as I stood in the middle of the living room and I take a couple of steps back before receiving another message.

From: HazzaBear




I keeping walking backwards until my back is against the front door when I get yet another message from Harry.


From: HazzaBear

You’re burning up babe.



I walk outside into the rain, leaving my phone on the table by the front door so it would get wet. I look around for the familiar head of curls, but there was nothing outside. I keep walking into I am in the middle of the driveway, before I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. My first instinct is to start struggling against them until I hear the familiar deep voice speak into my ear.

“I missed you all day.” And the second I hear his voice my struggling stops. I turn around to see a smirking Harry whose hair was all damp with the rain. I push all the hair out of his eyes before smashing my lips on his which instantly fell in sync with mine. I felt his arms get a tighter grip on my waist as the rain starts to soak through my top causing it to start to stick to my body.

“It’s not my fault you disappeared this morning.” I teased him while a small smile found its want onto his lips.

“I guess.” He said before looking around us as the rain started to fall down harder and harder. “You know you can finally have that kiss in the rain that you wanted so much.” He said before placing his lips on mine letting a slow passionate kiss happen between the two of us. It felt like we belonged in some sappy, cheesy, romantic film since my arms were around his neck while his arms were tightly around my waist. After a little bit he pulled away with a serious look on his features causing me to get a bit nervous on what he had to say. “That is going to be our last kiss togeth-” Harry starts but I instantly interrupt him.

“Are you going to break up with me?” I asked completely terrified of the answer that was going to escape his lips.

“Let me finish woman.” Harry laughs before looking at me with a very strange look. I watch as he looks down before getting down on one knee.

“Did you lose something?” I asked Harry who only laughed at me before looking at me in the eyes.

“No Courtney you have been there for over two years now and even after every rumor and scandal you stood by my side while others would have left. You make me laugh and smile even when all I want to do is scream at management for being so horrible. Whenever I leave even for a few days it feels like I have been gone for over ten years when I am away from you. So what I basically want to say is Courtney will you do me the honor of marrying me?” He asked as I stood completely stunned with his words. I look at him as he nervously bites his bottom lip as he stared up at me from his position.

“Harold Edwards Styles, I would love to marry you.” I said as the happy tears starts to fall and Harry lifts himself off the floor. He pulls me into him before once again smashing his lips on mine, but of course something had to ruin it. I feel something hit the side of my face causing me to pull away from Harry to see a frowning Victoria standing with an umbrella over her.

“You might need that and this if you continue this.” She said waving her hands to me and Harry. “Damn children fucking each other in the fucking driveway. The world does not need any mini Courtneys and Harrrys running around.” She mumbles before running across the road where a confused Niall stood with his own umbrella. Harry bends over picking up a small package that Victoria had thrown at us during her random rant.

“I wonder where the hell she got condom from.” He smirked showing me the small package in his hands while his eyes wandered over to Victoria and Niall’s door. I laugh before kissing Harry’s cheek and walking towards the door to our house; where one day me and Harry would be walking in not as girlfriend and boyfriend, but as husband and wife. Mrs. Courtney Styles, one day I will be called Courtney Styles. 

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