The quest for Amethyst

This story is about a not very thinky (to be kind instead of saying stupid) fourteen year old girl who goes on the biggest adventure of her life time with her best friend and friend's brother to find three amethysts and rescue her brother before it's too late


9. Travel to California

We set up our tent, and go to sleep.  The next morning, we return our car and go back to Heathrow.  There's a sign that reads guess how much money a five dollar stuffed unicorn costs,  and win the unicorn and three tickets to L.A.X. airport. Rebecca goes over there and guesses five dollars. She gives me the unicorn and I decide to name her Amethyst.  We board the plane and I get another text from Samantha. Time's ticking. I already kidnapped Silly and Burned your house down.  The plane lands and we rent a car for fifty dollars.  We make a quick stop in the gift shop to buy batteries when I see a purple light. I grab it as Jim walks by and a shelf topples on him.

   "I'm okay," he says. We run out of the store and i read the next clue in the car.  See, that wasn't so hard. The battle begins at the first Mc Donalds in San Bernard.

  "I'm getting a Big Mac and a Mcflurry," Rebecca says when we get to the Mc Donalds.

   "We don't have time, it's almost midnight," Jim says

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