The quest for Amethyst

This story is about a not very thinky (to be kind instead of saying stupid) fourteen year old girl who goes on the biggest adventure of her life time with her best friend and friend's brother to find three amethysts and rescue her brother before it's too late


7. The Trap

   "The text says hurry up with those amethysts, I'm waiting," I read aloud.  I typed back what do u mean?  The reply was bring them 2 me by February 16!

   "I don't get it," I said.

   "No offense Alison, but of course you don't," Rebecca replied.  "It was a trap."

   "But why?" I asked.

   "I don't know, but we'll find out," Rebecca replied.

   "Who is this Samantha?"  Jim asked.

   "The meanest and most popular girl in school," I said.  "She's actually really pretty, but I did notice a wart growing on her face."

   "Eww," Rebecca said.  I texted Samantha back asking how she knew about the amethysts.  Don't u get it? Of course u don't, ur stupid. I need these amethysts 4 evil powers, so I put a fake ad on the internet, knowing u would Google amethysts.  Now, because of ur foolishness and ur dumb friends, I will rule the world!!! I typed back I refuse 2 help u!!!!!   Don't u want ur stupid brother, Silly I think is his name.  His name is Billy. I typed back. No one can call him stupid but me! and what have u done with him? Why should I tell u?  Bring the amethysts back 2 me by February 16, or else you'll never c Silly again! I aske d her if there really is a birthstone museum in London.  Of course not, ur the only 1 dumb enough not 2 know that.

   "We have to save Billy!" I cried.  Jim put his hand on my shoulder.

   "We'll definitely help you," He said.

   "I've got a feeling the amethyst is near by, we just need to find it," Rebecca said.



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