The quest for Amethyst

This story is about a not very thinky (to be kind instead of saying stupid) fourteen year old girl who goes on the biggest adventure of her life time with her best friend and friend's brother to find three amethysts and rescue her brother before it's too late


4. The Search Begins

The next morning, I packed everything I needed, including a map of the world.

The plan was: Jim would drive us to Colorado, and we would search for one or more of the amethysts there. Don't ask why Rebecca picked Colorado, she said she has a good feeling going there would be helpful. The drive to Colorado wasn't far, just a couple hours.  When we finally arrived, we counted all our money.  I had a twenty dollar bill, Rebecca had ten dollars, and Jim had fifty. So that's a total of sixty dollars.

   "Okay, guys we have eighty dollars," Rebecca said.

Oh, I thought.  As you can see, I'm terrible at math.

   "We have to sneak into a hotel," Jim declared.

   "What?!" Rebecca and I replied in unison.

   "We... have... to... sneak... into... a hotel...," Jim repeated slowly like we were dumb.

   "I heard you the first time,"  Rebecca said rudely.

   "I really don't want to do that," I said uncomfortably.

    "What other choice do we have?" Jim questioned.

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