The quest for Amethyst

This story is about a not very thinky (to be kind instead of saying stupid) fourteen year old girl who goes on the biggest adventure of her life time with her best friend and friend's brother to find three amethysts and rescue her brother before it's too late


3. The Idea

It was an ad about an amethyst.  Three amethysts were stolen and hidden all over the world.  Bring them to the jewel museum in England by February sixteenth.

   "February sixteenth?" I asked to myself.  "That's my birthday!, I think."  My annoying brother  Billy walks into my room.

   "What a ya doin?"  He teased.   "Stupid stuff?"

   "Get out of my room NOW!  I screamed.

   "NO"  He yelled back.  "Tell me what you're doing first."

   "That's none of  you're business," I replied.  Billy left the room. I really wanted to go on the quest, but how can I go without my parents knowing, or my brother getting in my way.  I decide to call my only friend, Rebecca.  She's excactly the opposite of me.  She's smart, pretty, and tall.  We are both kind, though.  That's a good thing.  The phone only has to ring once for her to pick up.

   "Hello?" Rebecca answered.

   "Hey Rebecca, It's me, Alison," I said

   "What's up?" She asked.

   "I want to go on this amethyst quest I found an ad about on the internet, but I don't know how to go without my parents or Billy knowing," I said.

   "I think I have a good idea," Rebecca replied. "You know my brother Jim?"

      "Yeah," I replied.

"Well," Rebecca replied. "We can tell our parents that Jim will take us on a camping trip over Winter break, especially because Winter break isn't untill the middle of February this year." "Also, Jim owes me for not telling my mom when he snuck out last week," Rebecca said.

"Rebecca, you are a GENIUS!" I exclaimed.

       "Gotta go," Rebecca said.




"Mom?" I called.

"Yeah?" she replied.

"Can I go on a camping trip with Rebecca and Jim over Winter Break?"

"Sure, honey, just make sure to pack enough bug spray," My mom replied.

"Mom, I'm fourteen, and besides, it's the middle of Winter, I don't need bug spray," I said.



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