The quest for Amethyst

This story is about a not very thinky (to be kind instead of saying stupid) fourteen year old girl who goes on the biggest adventure of her life time with her best friend and friend's brother to find three amethysts and rescue her brother before it's too late


6. The Escape

I only managed to choke out

   "Uh Oh!" when Jim put his hand over my mouth and pulled me and Rebecca under one of the beds.

   "Did they see us?"  Rebecca asked.

   "I don't think so,"  I replied.   We were finally able to make an escape when the man went to the bathroom, and the woman was searching for her glasses (which by the way were on her forehead).

   "Phew, that was a close one," Jim said.

   "Yeah" Rebecca and I agreed.  My cellphone buzzed.

   "Hang on guys, I got a text," I said.

   "From whom?" Rebecca asked.

   "You won't believe this, It's from Samantha!" I exclaimed.  I stared at my phone in shock as I read what the text said.


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