A Suspencful Christmas

It was Christmas and you and your boyfriend, Harry, were going to spend your holiday together.


1. Christmas Holiday

It was the last period of the day, and it was also the last day of school for your Christmas holidays. You and Harry, your boyfriend, were going to spend it together, and you were going to rent a house so you would be all by yourselves.
          The bell rung and you went out to meet Harry. Your phone dings and it was from Harry, and he said he was in his car. You reply ok and you run to his car. the first thing you do is kiss him.
         You arrive at the house and you pack all of your clothes away. The house was already decorated for Christmas.
           "ooo this is nice" you say cuddling into Harry with some hot coca.
            "especially with you babe" Harry grins
            All of a sudden, you hear something break upstairs. "did you  hear that?'   "yeah!" You and Harry run upstairs and see a broken mirror on the floor. Harry picks up the pieces. "well I wonder how that happened." he said still picking up the pieces.
            He puts the pieces in a garbage can and you walk downstairs. He kisses you softly and you kiss him back.
                                                  It was 2:00 in the morning and you woke up to get a drink. you went downstairs, and when you get off the last step, something grabs you, actually it was someone. their hand was over your mouth and you couldn't breath. you were scared.

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