one direction preferences

one direction preferences. leave info and i will make you one :). <3


6. How you scare him.



You come home from work to find him watching a scary movie. You quietly creep behind him and pull your hands up, them hovering above his shoulders. Right as the scary scene comes on, you grab his shoulders, he screams to the top of his lungs and you run laughing.



It's Halloween and you know Niall hates Halloween. It's a very cold and dark night. The clock beside you says midnight, ''yes'', you whisper, trying not to wake Niall beside you. You creep out of bed and run to the closet, pulling out a very scary mask and slipping it on. You then walk over to his sleeping body and grab him, him waking quickly and screaming at the mask. You've never laughed so hard.



You wake up to find Liam not in bed. You start to panic until you smell bacon. You smiled and walked quietly down stairs, you want to scare him. You creep behind him and stand there for a while, waiting for the right moment to strike. The moment comes when he starts singing to himself. You reach your hands up to his butt and squeeze hard. He screams and runs away.



It was 12:00 in the morning and Zayn still hadn't woken up. You got pissed when you couldn'd wake him so you ran and got your make up kit. You gently sat on the empty spot beside him, trying your best not to wake him and start putting make up on him. When you were done you put your make up away and sat on the couch. Moments later you hear a scream.



Louis had just gotten back from an interview and was in the shower. You on the other hand was planing on scaring him. You stood in his closet with a carrot costume on. You know he loves carrots. As your deep in thought, you hear the door to his room open. You chuckle. He opens his closet and falls to the floor screaming. You jump out of his closet and chase him in his towel.

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