The Move

Emma was caught off guard when her mom informed her they were moving to england. She was totally excited because she had always wanted to go but she didnt want to leave her friends, but she had no choice because her mom had already packed her stuff and they were leaving tomorrow......while walking down the streets of london she runs into......


4. The Encounter

Niall's POV

I had just left the hotel and i decided to walk down the street and see if i could get something to eat. When i ran into a young girl that looked to be 18 years old she did't notice me at first. It looked like she had just came out of the condos i was standing in front of. "Oh Sorry! I didn't see you there." she said "It's okay, that was my fault." She finally decided to look up, when she saw me her eyes grew in amazement. She seemed very nervous and she started to stutter. " hhhh-hey.your.uuummmm.Ni-Niall.Hor-Horan." she said. I just laughed, she looked confused. "What are you laughing at? she said, in a serious voice. "Oh nothing, just nothing. So what's your name" "My name is....uuhhh Emma Clark" she said. She had the most beatiful flowing brown hair and these beautiful glowing blue eyes. "Well, hello emma clark. Here take this and i handed her a piece of paper that had my number on it." She smiled and grabbed the piece of paper and before she put it in her pocket she pulled out her phone and put the number in her phone. Then...


My phone went off and i looked at it and there was a message from an unkown number and the message said "Hey, its emma clark." I smiled and looked up at her and she then slid the piece of paper in her pocket "Sorry, im very forgetful so i decided to go put it in before i forgot." she said. "So where are you going?" "Well i was going site seeing, because i am new here in london and i wanted to look around and see what they had, especially since this is going to be my new home." She exclaimed. "Well why dont we go together, i was just about to get something to eat and then i was going to visit the london eye." "Sure that sounds great!"

Emma's POV

I had just walked outside the condo building when i ran into someone "Oh Sorry! I didn't see you there." It took me a while to look up but when i did i noticed it was niall THE niall horan. I started to stutter"hey.your.uuummmm.Ni-Niall.Hor-Horan." He just laughed, but i didnt find it very funny. " So what's your name?" he asked. "My name is....uuhhh Emma Clark" Then before i could say anything else he gave me his number, i decided to go ahead and put it in my phone. Then i texted him so he knew it was me. Then i slid the paper in my pocket, it took me a second because i was still shaking at the fact that i had met niall horan and the moment didnt stop there because then he invited me to go out to with him and go to the london eye. Well i couldn't say no to niall horan, so i agreed and we decided to go to this little pub close to my condo. I was starving and so i ordered two burgers and some fries and a dr. pepper. He ordered the same thing with some hot wings. He laughed at how much i ate, i just looked at him "Well i've never had a girl actually eat, when going on a date with me." he said, while kind of chuckling. "Date?" "Well yes, does that bother you?" he asked "Uuuuhhhh, NO, I have just never been on a date." I mean when me and ryan went out it was always just me and his friends, we never actually went anywhere. "Well now you have." i smile when niall says this. As i look into his blue eyes i just melt i can't help but stare, until he snaps me out of my trans by kissing me, before i can think i start to kiss back, i can feel the sparks fly as the kiss starts to deepin, but then niall pulls away. I smile and then he smiles back. We finish eating then niall pays for our meal, i insisted that i pay but he wouldnt let me. After we left the pub we decided to catch a taxi and go to the london eye.

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