The Move

Emma was caught off guard when her mom informed her they were moving to england. She was totally excited because she had always wanted to go but she didnt want to leave her friends, but she had no choice because her mom had already packed her stuff and they were leaving tomorrow......while walking down the streets of london she runs into......


5. Paparazzi

Emma's POV

I was so excited to be looking around london with THE niall horan, but i needed to keep calm because he hated when girls fangirled. So when we got to the london eye i just acted totally normal and tried not to say anything because i didnt want to say something wrong. When we got to the ticket booth, niall bought our tickets then we got on the london eye. I was looking at the view of london, when niall said "It's Beautiful, isn't it?" "Yes very beautiful i cant believe im even living here" i looked off into the distance, when niall grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me around and before i could say anything he kissed me. Then he pulled away and said "I know i don't really know you but emma clark will you be my girlfriend?" I just stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him, when i pulled away he said "So, i'll take that as a yes." I just smiled and wrapped myself in niall's arms and kept looking at the view, finally it came to a stop and we got out. As soon as we got out there was paparazzi everywhere, asking questions like "Who is this girl, niall?Are you and Demi Lovato together?" I started to cry because i was very claustrophobic and they were all over us asking questions. Niall looked at me and saw how upset i was and picked me up and ran through the paparazzi and called us a cab. When the cab got there we hopped in the cab as niall sat me down beside him. I was still very upset as i cryed into niall shoulder. I had stopped crying as i looked up i saw niall looking at me, i just smiled and layed back down on his chest. When the cab pulled up to my condo, i jumped out and gave niall a peck on the lips and thanked him for the site seeing and for getting me away from the paparazzi. Hey smiled and said "Your welcome! I would love if you would come over tomorrow and have a scary movie night with me and the boys?" "I would love too." "okay, i'll pick you up around 5:15" I grabbed my phone, that fell in the cab seats and waved goodbye to niall. "I'll see you tomorrow the" he said. Then the cab drove away and i started jumping around, all excited as i ran into the condo to find my mom asleep on the couch. The whole condo was decorated and all the boxes were put away. I walked into my room and immediatly called samantha, she anwsered right away. I told her everything that happened and she just started screaming, but before i could say anything else she asked "Did you give harry my number?" "No, but i will tomorrow when i meet all the other boys." "ahahhahahahahhaahhahah!! You get to meet them all tomorrow?" She asked "Yeah, niall invited me for a movie night. Girl i wish you were here right now." " mom said it was okay. So, we are visiting for a month. We are leaving in 2 days." she said. I just started jumping around and going crazy, when i heard my mom call for me. "Well sam i have to talk to you later, love ya girl and see you in 2 days."

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