The Move

Emma was caught off guard when her mom informed her they were moving to england. She was totally excited because she had always wanted to go but she didnt want to leave her friends, but she had no choice because her mom had already packed her stuff and they were leaving tomorrow......while walking down the streets of london she runs into......


8. Nando's

Niall's POV

Emma looked really cute in her outfit. When we got to nando's we walked in and got a table. Emma's friend sam seemed to really hit it off with harry. The waiter cam over and took our order and then we all started talking about our new album and london and sam and emma and stuff. When our food got to the table emma looked like she didn't feel good, so she excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she came back she looked kinda drained and tired. So we decided to leave. When we got back to her condo the boys waved goodbye and sam and harry exchanged phone numbers. Before we lefted i gave emma a kiss and told her to get well. Then we decided to head back to our hotel and relax for the rest of the day.

Emma's POV

When i got inside i decided to go lay down.


When i woke up i ran to the bathroom and threw up. Sam heard me and came in the bathroom and helped clean me up. I knew i hadn't eating anything to upset me, so it had to be............................"OMG! Sam im pregnant." She looked at me in shock "You couldn't be..could you. Hold on before you just asume ill go get a test from the store, ill be right back." she said. She rushed out of the room to go to the store. When she got back she had 3 test. I went in to the bathroom and did my business. We had to wait 5 minutes, which seemed like forever. When the 5 minutes was up i slowly walked into the bathroom. When i got into the bathroom i saw three sticks that had plus signs on them. "OMG! I am pregnant." I walked into my room and texted niall.

Emma: I need to talk to you soon

Niall: Whats wrong

Emma: Ill tell you when you get here

Niall: I'll be there in 5 minutes


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