The Move

Emma was caught off guard when her mom informed her they were moving to england. She was totally excited because she had always wanted to go but she didnt want to leave her friends, but she had no choice because her mom had already packed her stuff and they were leaving tomorrow......while walking down the streets of london she runs into......


6. Movie NIght

Niall's POV

I had just gotten back to the hotel, when i told the boys about emma and how we were all having a movie night. Then i decided to go tobed because i had a big day tomorrow.


I had woken up and it was 11:00am, i guess i was really tired or something. The boys were excited and really cool about it. I decided that i would go out and get the junk food and i would send liam to go get the scary movies. When i was done getting the junk food and liam came back with a couple movies, i figured i would go get ready. It was about 5:00, So i went and picked up emma. We had just gotten back to the hotel and emma said she was a little nervous but i reasured her that the boys were really cool. Then she kissed me and said " know, you are the best boyfriend a girl could have?" I just smiled to let her know i was listening. We walked into the hotel room and all the boys were on the couch with the popcorn, watching the previews before the first movie. "Hey guys this is Emma, emma clark." "Hey!" all the boys said and waved. We then sat down and watched the movies.

Emma POV

This was so fun just hanging out with niall and the boys, all i could think was how jealous sam would be right now. Something else caught my eye, it was niall he was leaning in to kiss me so i kissed back and then it got serious. "Get a room" Louis yells, but we didn't stop. "Okay boys lets go to my room" harry said as everyone jumped up and walked to the door. I pulled away from the kiss and smiled, then niall kept kissing me....and...things happened. When i woke up i was cuddled up to niall. I decided to get up and suprise niall by grabbing us some breakfast. So i rushed out the door and stopped by the nearest place and grabbed us something to eat, when i got back i knocked on the door. I heard a load moan and then a yawn. When finally i saw niall as he opened up the door and smiled when he saw me. Then he grabbed the bag of food and ran in to the closet and shut the door. "Niall, come back here" i yelled as i opened up the closet door to find him eating the food. When i went to grab my food i saw that niall had already tooken a bite of it. I just laughed and continued to finish the sandwich niall had already started. After i was done i helped niall up out of the closet. "Hey, i will have to see you later my mom had called and told me i needed to get home. So, i guess ill just text you later." and with that he gave me a peck on the lips and waved goodbye as i shut the door and grabbed a taxi to my condo.

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