The Move

Emma was caught off guard when her mom informed her they were moving to england. She was totally excited because she had always wanted to go but she didnt want to leave her friends, but she had no choice because her mom had already packed her stuff and they were leaving tomorrow......while walking down the streets of london she runs into......


2. Goodbye

Niall's POV

"Thank you everybody and goodnight!" Louis said, as we left the stage. Paul was escorting us out to our van in the back. I jumped in first and the other boys jumped in after me. We were headed to our hotels for the night, because we had to be at the airport really early in the morning. We were going to england...i wasnt sure what part of england because i never paid attention long enough to hear where we were going when paul told us. "Hey can we get something to eat, before we go to the hotel?" The boys just looked at me as if they had never seen me so hungry, but i hadn't eatin in 5 hours. So, i was starving. "Well we can go to Nando's" liam said. All the boys agreed. We stopped at nando's and i ordered my usual and then we went to the hotel. I went straight to my room and took a shower and then put on my boxers and went to bed.  

Emma's POV

We had made it to the airport i jumped out of the car and grabbed my luggage. My mom went in first and got our tickets i followed behind. We were about to go through security when samantha called my name, i turned around and she was running towards me. I opened my arms to give her a hug and she jumped into my arms. "You might not be my blood sister, but i think of you as my sister and i love you and i hope to see you soon. You will have to visit me sometime, after all it is summer. So, you have plenty of time." She gave me a hug "I love you like a sister to emma." Sam said, as she hugged me. Then i waved goodbye and me and my mom went through security and we grabbed our carry on's and got on the plane. I was so excited, yet so sad at the same time. I was happy because i have always wanted to go to london, but sad because i wouldn't have my best friend with me to share the experience. The pilot told us to put away all electronical devices away and we needed to be buckled up. So i sat down and decided to go to sleep.

*Skip plane ride* 

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