Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


7. Chapter 7: Later on in my lovely flat

Harry's POV:

     That. Was. Amazing. Rose could do work! I find her lips so kissable. Her fingertips so touchable. Her eyes so Irresistible. I felt as if she was my world now. I've only known her for a few days but I really like her :/ Maybe I'll ask her to be my girlfriend! "Hey Rose?" "Hey Harry!" Will you be my girlfriend?" I softly whispered. I didn't think she heard me but I guess she did because she leaped on me and gave me a hard and passionate kiss! At first I was taken by surprise but soon I kissed back. I licked her bottom lip asking for more access and she open her mouth. I started to explore her mouth. We broke apart soon after. I gave her a little pout. She laughed and then she asked "When can I meet the boys?" "Soon my love" "Mmm when will that be?" "How about tomorrow?" I asked hopeing she would say yes. "Ok!" she happily replied. I didn't want to go but I had to. "Babe, I have to go. But I'll definetly see you tomorrow!" She said okay and I left.

Rose's POV:

     After he left I had to call April and Monica. I called Monica but she wasn't at home so I was guessing she was with Kyle. So I rung April. She answered! She said she met this Irish guy at the bar and he was really cute and that she was going to meet up with him and his friends at 12 tomorrow! Was a coincident! I hung up and it was around 10 so I fell asleep waiting for tomorrow to come.

A/N- Hiii! I'm so sorry if this was boring! My brain isn't giving me good ideas! Sorry! I'll try to update every day but I don't know if I can sooooooo... xoxo- Harry Is My Kryptonite


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