Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


6. Chapter 6: Tomorrow Finally Came

Rose's POV:

     It was about 9:30 when I woke up and I did what I always do when I wake up. I checked my phone! I had 2 unread messages and so I opened them and found out they were both from my little Hazza. 

Harry: Hey xx

Harry: Let's meet up at 12 today for lunch at the cafe on 2nd street (A/N: Made up!)

I sent a text back to him saying okay. I was soooo happy! What this boy does to me... Soon it was 11:30 and I grabbed my keys and my phone and I was out the door. I soon got there and I realized that I was early and I also noticed someone else was early too! Harry got up and walked over to me. He gave me a light kiss and we made our way back to the table

Harry: Hey babe

Rose: Hello Harry!

Harry: God. The things you do to me. I am thinking so many thoughts of you right now.

Me: Well we could ditch this place and go to mine!

Harry: Hell yea. Lets goooooo!

I could see the eagerness in his eyes as we took my car to mine. He started to inch his hand closer to my thigh. I tried to focus on the road but this boy was making it to damn difficult! Suddenly I felt a hand on my inner thigh and it was coming closer to my no no spot. He got there and started to do some naughty things over there! My flat couldn't come faster! We finally got there and Harry didn't wait one minute. As soon as we got in my flat he got right to it.

A/N- Hi guise! I'm so sorry! I've been so caught up with Christmas and homework and stuff I don't want to do!! Im sorry!! I'll make it up to you doe! xoxo- Harry Is My Kryptonite

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