Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


5. Chapter 5: Time to go

Harry's POV:

     "Hey- It's time for me to get back" my heart broke when she said that. She gathered her stuff and she said goodbye and left. I was about to sit down when I saw her iPhone on the counter. I quickly grabbed her phone put my number in hehe! And I ran outside to give her her phone back. I caught up to her and I said "ROSE!" She turned around and when she saw me she said "Yes?" I went up to her "You forgot your phone, love" "Oh! I'm sorry!" "It's ok! That gave me another reason to see you." I then winked at her. I saw a beautiful blush spread through her white cheeks. I loved it when I did this to her! That just made me grin even wider. "Well Harry, I hope I see you another time!" "Oh.. Don't worry.. You will." I mumble. She said what and I said never mind and that I hoped to see her again soon too. I said goodbye and we parted.

Rose's POV:

     Once he gave me my phone I said "Well Harry, I hope I see you another time!" I swear I heard him say Oh.. Don't worry.. You will. But I wasn't positive. He said goodbye and we parted ways. I got into a cab and in 30 minutes I got to my flat. I got settled in and I got a text

Harry: Hey babe! I meant it when I said I loved every minute with you(; xx

Me: Harry... How did you get my number and why is your number in my phone?..

Harry: Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you! When you left your phone I checked what your number was and I added mine!

Me: Ohh okkkk(:

Harry: But I really did have fun!

Me: Oh Harry.. Don't you worry.. I did too!

Harry: Well thats just great! We should meet up sometime!

I was so happy when he said that!

Me: Yuuuu we need to! Give me the time and place and I'll be there!

Harry: Well great! Tomorrow at 12! We'll meet at Panera for lunch!

Me: Ok! Sounds good! See you then! Bye byeeeeeeeee(: xx

Harry: Bye babe(: xoxox

Well! Now I can't wait for tomorrow!



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