Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


4. Chapter 4: A Yummy breakfast

Harry's POV:

     After our little morning fun we took a shower together and we went downstairs for breakfast. "What do you want for breakfast babe?" I asked Rose. Eagerly, she said "Do you have stuff to make pancakes??" "Yes we do as a matter of fact!" I took out the ingredients and we started cooking. In about 15 minutes after we made the batter, I feel something hit my back. I turn around and I see Rose look away. My god.. She is soo bad at not looking suspicious! I waited a bit to get her back so she wouldn't see it coming but I did see a bit of sadness creep up on her face. 5 minutes later I had an egg in my hand and I came up behind her and I cracked the egg on her head. She yelped in surprised and turned around and look at me with a smile on her face. Oh how that smile makes me go weak at the knees! After my little egg deal a wonderful and fun food fight broke out(:

Rose's POV:

     When I through flour at Harry I was expecting him to throw something at me. But instead he just turned around and returned to the cooking. I was a bit sad. Well. He got me back! He cracked an egg over my head and now I could feel the sliminess dripping down my hair. We through more items at each other and got in the shower together AGAIN and we cleaned ourselves up! Man. I was falling for this dude hardddd.

A/N- Hello my little angels! Feedback pleasee(: Sorry that my chapters are kinda long! Have an amazing day! xoxo- Harry Is My Kryptonite


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