Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


2. Chapter 2: His house... and sex..

Harry's POV:

     I had a pretty girl with me and I was taking her home.. Yayyyyy!! I did a little happy dance inside! Guess I was gettin some tonight! ;) We got to my flat and as soon as we got in I pinned her against the wall and I started to kiss her neck. She let out a soft moan. I slowly trailed up her neck and finally I met her lips. I felt something... But oh well. I just met her. I can't already like her. We went to my room and I closed the door. I threw her on the bed and I kissed her with more force now. She took my shirt off and our lips parted for only a second. We parted again and I took her pretty little dress off and she took my jeans off. By this time we were both in our undies. I ran my eyes up and down her body and I felt a drip of sweat threatening to drip down my face. I took her undies off and I threw them across the room. She took my boxers off and she took my little me in her hand and started to rub it. She started to lick my little me and I could feel her head jerking up and down. After a while I wanted her. I went on top of her an I went into her. Rose was a gorgeous. After an hour we both collapsed onto the bed and I heard a quite snore coming from my left. I looked at her a fell asleep..

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